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Santa's - A Christmas Theme Park

Rides, Lights, Music -- A Short-Lived Holiday Tradition


Santa's - A Christmas Theme Park

Welcome to Santa's Christmas Park

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UPDATE: A source informs me that Santa's Theme Park will not return to the Phoenix area in 2008. Communications sent to their office were unanswered.

A tradition was started in 2005 when Santa's - A Christmas Theme Park opened its doors to a successful season of rides, games, and holiday entertainment. It was located at Firebird International Raceway off I-10 in Chandler. Here's a map and directions.

Santa's - A Christmas Theme Park was a holiday entertainment park with more than 50 amusement park rides, life-sized animated holiday displays and live shows. Santa's Park used over 300 miles of lights with over 2 million light bulbs!

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What happened at Santa's - A Christmas Theme Park?

Located at 20000 Maricopa Rd. in Chandler, the park was more than a mile in length and featured a spectacularly-lit Holiday Fantasy Walkway entrance with thousands of festive LED lights. Once inside the park, you walked through Santa's Christmas Village with 23 Christmas fantasy themes, each with life-sized buildings and animated characters, and enjoyed more than 50 amusement park rides. Santa's Park included 12 entertainment shows each day, free with your admission, featuring puppets, live magicians, white tigers, music and more. There was a giant, gas-lit Menorah, one huge Christmas tree, and 20 more themed trees that are more than 30 feet tall. Finally, there was live entertainment, ethnic food from around the world and special VIP tents for corporate holiday parties, birthdays and family gatherings.

What if I have more questions?

Their local phone number has been disconnected.

Do you have any pictures of it when it was here?

Photo Gallery: Santa's - A Christmas Theme Park

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