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Things To Do On Christmas Day in Phoenix

If Christmas Is Not Your Thing


Some people don't celebrate Christmas. Then there are people who would, but they are alone in the area without family. What is there to do in Phoenix on Christmas Day?

There are plenty of places to go out to eat, but that doesn't take all day (I hope). This might be the year that you decide to volunteer to help out those in need. But if you are really looking for an activity, here are 12 ideas for things to do on December 25th.

1. Go to Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium

Go to Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium on Christmas Day
© Judy Hedding
This is a great time of year to visit animals, and Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium on the west side of town is a local favorite spot. Feed a giraffe for me!

2. Go to a movie

Go to a movie on Christmas Day
Or go to two! Remember double features? OK, I'm dating myself. Go to one movie, then out to lunch and then back for a second movie. Call it your own personal Christmas Day Film Festival.

3. Go to Lake Pleasant

Go to Lake Pleasant on Christmas Day
© Judy Hedding
This northwest Valley park is very scenic, and definitely an appropriate location for a picnic, throwing around the football, or just walking.

4. Take a hike

Take a hike on on Christmas Day
© Judy Hedding
You'll find a variety of hiking trails, nature trails, and picnic facilities all over the central Arizona area, many of which are open on Christmas Day. Check online or call before you go. If you got new hiking boots, a GPS or a camera this holiday season, these are a great spots to test them out. Here are a few hiking trails that should be open:

5. Play golf at McCormick Ranch

Play Golf on Christmas Day
© Judy Hedding
If you are a golfer, there are actually a variety of courses around town that are open on Christmas Day. You'll probably have the best luck at resort courses. Here are some of my favorites. Check on GolfNow.com (Reserve Direct) to see if there are tee times available.

6. Visit Sea Life Arizona Aquarium

© Sea Life
Sea Life Arizona will be open on Christmas Day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Everyone gets in for $10 (plus tax) on Christmas Day. Visit your favorite sea creatures in a festive, holiday setting. See a photo tour of Sea Life Arizona or watch the video.

7. Drive indoor race karts

© Octane Raceway
Thrill-seeking drivers can get a true taste of performance racing in state-of-the-art karts that reach speeds of up to 45 mph at Octane Raceway (formerly F1 Race Factory) in Scottsdale. See what happens at Octane Raceway.

8. Go skating

Go skating on Christmas Day
The Arcadia Ice Arena is open on Christmas day if blades are your choice. Four four wheels, try the Rollero Family Skating Center in the evening. If Santa brought you inline skates this year, there are plenty of public skate places where you can feel the wind on your face. There are also several temporary skating rinks set up just for the holidays. You can check the holiday events schedule to find those. Those are typically set up at shopping malls or local resorts.

9. Go to a casino

Go to a casino on Christmas Day
From penny slots to the poker room, if you are old enough to gamble legally and have cash you don't need, all the casinos will be open (and so will their restaurants).

10. Play miniature golf

Play miniature golf on Christmas Day
© Judy Hedding
Golfland in Mesa has a video arcade and miniature golf. It's open on Christmas Day.

11. See the fountain

See the Fountain on Christmas Day
© Judy Hedding
You say you've never seen the fountain? It's in a nice, large park, so enjoy a nice, peaceful day in Fountain Hills.

12. Fish in an urban lake

Go fishing on Christmas Day
© Judy Hedding
We have lots of lakes in and around Phoenix just made for that new fishing pole. It isn't bass or salmon fishing, but it's fun. Don't forget -- catch and release.

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