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Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year's Eve in our Hometowns - 2012


Cities across North America celebrate the holiday season in 2012 with events, parades, and decorations for Hanukkah and Christmas. Then we usher in the new year with parties. Find out what's happening across the U.S. and in Canada, too!
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  5. Free Holiday Events in the U.S. and Canada
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Hot New Year's Eve Parties - Cities A - M

New Year's Eve in the U.S.

How will you welcome 2013? Hopefully, you'll be somewhere where the nights are clear, the crowd is happy, the fireworks are spectacular and you've got someone next to you to kiss at the stroke of midnight.

Hot New Year's Eve Parties - Cities N - Z

New Year's Eve Celebrations

People in cities staring with the letters of the alphabet after "M" aren't much different than the ones up above! You can be sure that there will be parties, champagne and kissing at midnight.

Holiday Skiing

Celebrate the Holidays in the U.S. 2010

Grab those skis, snowboards and sleds. When it's holiday time in the U.S. it is also time for snow in many regions of North America. Get the family, a date, or some buddies together and head for the slopes.

Best Warm Weather Holidays

Christmas in the U.S 2010

When there's not a sign of snow or sleet or freezing temperatures, you might think it's difficult to get into the mood for Christmas. In these cities, Santa might be wearing shorts, a tee shirt, flip flops and shades but there's still plenty of holiday spirit.

Free Holiday Events in the U.S. and Canada

Free Holiday Events in the U.S. 2010

On a tight budget this year? That doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the spirit of the season. There are thousands of amazing free holiday events and activities across the nation. Choirs, parades, performances, festivals -- you can celebrate the holidays without spending a cent.


America's heartland celebrates the holidays in a host of traditional ways, with tree lighting ceremonies, Santa meet-and-greets, and Christmas markets galore.


rockefeller center christmas angel

The oldest cities in America celebrate the holidays in fine form - from the spectacular decorations to holiday parties and events. Find information on where to shop for holiday bargains, and where to go for the best holiday celebrations.


Little Rock Holiday Celebrations 2010

Look to the South for the best of America's Christmas music showcases in Tennessee cities like Nashville (aka Music City, USA) and Memphis. If you're looking for a good warm-weather climates for your holiday season, try the beaches of Miami.


Holidays in the Southwest 2010

While you can participate in the typical American holiday events in these cities, you might also experience the influence of both Native American and Latino cultures that are prevalent in the Southwest.


From the Rockies to the Pacific, the Western states ring in the holiday season with everything from snowcapped peaks in Denver and Salt Lake City, to festive beach displays in Los Angeles, and San Diego.


Our favorite three major cities in Canada are just a stone's throw from the U.S. border. Whether you are there as a tourist, visiting family or if you are a full-time resident, you can enjoy holiday cheer Canadian-style!

Best Places For Holiday Lights: Cities A-L

Celebrate Christmas Holidays in America 2010

Sparkling lights -- on homes, on bridges, in shopping malls, in gardens, at zoos -- during the holidays cities and towns are filled with bright and festive light displays.

Best Places for Holiday Lights: Cities M-Z

Christmas Lights in America

Hey, the cities that begin with the letters A - L don't have a monopoly on fantastic holiday light displays!

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