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Arizona International Auto Show

Ten Things To Know


Arizona International Auto Show
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On the previous page you saw all the details about attending the Arizona International Auto Show. Here are ten things you should know about this show before you go.

Ten Tips For Attending Auto Show

  1. Before you go, check at the official website to see if there's a coupon.
  2. Going to downtown Phoenix by car means that you'll probably have to park in a pay lot. Parking varies in the range of between about $7 and $25, depending on what's going on downtown and how close you want to be. Don't forget that you can get to the Phoenix Convention Center via METRO light rail
  3. Wear comfortable walking shoes; there's a lot of ground to cover at the Convention Center!
  4. Children are welcome, but there are no activities for children except for the superhero visits on Sunday.
  5. This isn't your typical trade show. There are very few vendor booths here. Just lots of new model vehicles.
  6. Because there aren't many vendors here, don't expect to go home with a bag full of cheap pens and souvenirs. This isn't that kind of show.
  7. Although there are a few tricked out and specialty cars, this is not a classic car show. The focus here is new model year passenger vehicles.
  8. There are snack bars and coffee stands located in various places throughout the Phoenix Convention Center.
  9. This is a great show to attend if you are seriously considering purchasing a vehicle. You look at them all, check out all the sticker information and sticker prices, and take whatever notes you'd like, all without having to deal with a salesperson.
  10. Even though you can't actually buy a vehicle at the show, there are usually representatives of the car companies on hand to answer any questions you might have. They can also tell you where you can find a dealership near you.

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