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About Metro Phoenix: Considering a Move
This is an e-course designed by your About Guide to Phoenix. There are 8 installments, one each week, that discuss many of the issues that are in the forefront of peoples' minds when they are considering a move to the area. Sign up--it's free!

Arizona Mortgage Brokers/Bankers - Arizona Mortgage Rates
Learn about the difference between mortgage brokers and mortgage bankers in Arizona, find Arizona resources for locating mortgage brokers and mortgage loans, and find current Arizona mortgage loan rates.

Arizona Property Taxes
Find out how you calculate your Arizona Property Taxes.

Basement Homes
Many people who are moving here wonder why they can't find homes that have a basement. In this article we sort out the facts from the fiction about basement homes.

Block Fences
Why Are There So Many Block Fences in Phoenix? Here is the answer to a common question about why block fences are so predominant in the Phoenix area.

Ceiling Fans Help Reduce Energy Costs
Whether you live in a home or an apartment, ceiling fans make a great investment. A ceiling fan can help reduce your summer energy costs.

Closing Up Your Desert Home for the Summer
Here are some things you need to remember to do if you will be closing up your Phoenix home in the summer. Snowbirds who live in the Phoenix desert during the winter need to prepare the home for summer before they leave.

Energy Efficient Home
When you are buying a home in the Phoenix area, don't forget to consider the energy efficiency of the home.

Fireplaces in Phoenix
Do people have fireplaces in Phoenix? Some do, and some don't! Here are some tips if you are trying to decided about a fireplace in the desert.

Golf Course Homes
Tips for selecting a golf course home in Scottsdale or Phoenix. There are more than 40 golf course communities in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas.

Green Living in Phoenix
Here are resources for Phoenix residents on "living green." That is, conserving our natural resources and living in a healthier way, for ourselves and for our environment.

Homeowners' Associations (HOAs)
Many people are not too familiar with the concept of a Homeowners' Association when they move to the Phoenix area. Here are the pros and cons, and some tips for making your own decisions about them before buying a home.

Keep Your Home Safe While You're Away
Here are some easy things you can do to keep burglars away from your home while you are on vacation.

Living in Arizona
The 2000 Census gave us many statistics about the way we live, including the types of homes we live in, the number of vehicles we have, and median incomes.

Master-Planned Communities
This article will help you understand what a Master-Planned Community is, and how it differs from a simple subdivision.

Master Planned Communities in Greater Phoenix
What is a master planned community? Find out what makes these subdivisions special, and get to know some of the more popular master planned communities in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

Modern Phoenix
A site that discusses, spotlights and celebrates midcentury and modern contemporary design in Phoenix homes and neighborhoods.

Moving to Phoenix Quiz
This Phoenix relocation quiz is meant to be fun, but it is also intended to give you some things to think about.

Real Estate Taxes - When Are Arizona Real Estate Taxes Due
When do you have to pay your Arizona real estate taxes? Here are the details about personal property tax in Arizona.

Types of Homes in Phoenix
If you are researching homes online, it can be confusing at to what sellers mean when they advertise a home. What's the difference between a townhome or townhouse and a patio home? What's the definition of a duplex? What's a gemini?

Urban Villages of Phoenix
The City is Phoenix is broken up into defined areas, or Urban Villages. So is Ahwatukee a city or a town? How about Maryvale? Neither--they are Urban Villages of Phoenix.

What Does an AZ Seller Have to Disclose?
If you are selling your home in Arizona, you'll want to know what you must disclose to a potential buyer before closing. Get the details here about required disclosures.

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