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Types of Homes in Phoenix and Scottsdale


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Condominiums - What is a Condominium?
What is a condominium?

Condominiums at Grayhawk in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Condominiums, or condos, are essentially apartments that are individually owned.

Condominiums - Pros

  • Condominiums are generally less expensive than single family homes
  • You may be able to afford to live in a more expensive neighborhood
  • Easy lifestyle – the condominium homeowners association often covers roof replacement, exterior maintenance, common area maintenance, and other expenses
  • Good “lock and leave” vacation homes
  • Condominiums often include amenities such as a community pool

Condominiums - Cons

  • Noise from neighbors, including those above and below your unit
  • Homeowners’ association fees and politics, and CC&R restrictions
  • Parking at condominiums is often in a common area not attached to the home
  • No yard
  • Some condo buildings may have stairs

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