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Types of Homes in Phoenix and Scottsdale


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Townhome/Town House - What is a Townhome or Townhouse?
What is a townhouse or townhome?

Typical 1960s era townhouses in Scottsdale, Arizona, 2-story homes lined up in a row, sharing side walls, with no neighbors above or below. Usually, the living area is downstairs and the bedrooms upstairs.

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The term “townhouse” has become a bit of a catch-all term in Arizona to refer to any home that shares a building with other units, particularly if there are no other units above or below. Most townhouses or townhomes in the Phoenix area are multiple story dwellings.

Townhome/Townhouse - Pros

  • Less expensive than single family homes
  • No neighbors above or below.
  • Often has a small fenced yard
  • Low maintenance lifestyle – HOA may cover roof repair and replacement, exterior maintenance, common area maintenance, and other expenses
  • Often includes amenities such as a community pool

Townhome/Townhouse - Cons

  • Noise from neighbors through shared walls
  • Homeowners’ association fees and politics, and CC&R restrictions
  • A townhome or townhouse will typically have a small yard or no yard
  • Might have common stairwells

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