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Types of Homes in Phoenix and Scottsdale


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Patio Home - What is a Patio Home?
What is a patio home?

1970s era patio homes in Scottsdale, Arizona with patios overlooking the common area. Homes in this subdivision are sometimes listed as townhouses.

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Patio homes in Arizona were traditionally 1-story homes that shared at least one side wall and had a back patio but not necessarily a backyard.

Patio homes are usually built with 2, 3 or 4 homes in each building instead of the continuous row of homes common with townhouses.

Today in Arizona, about 85 percent of homes listed as patio homes are single level homes.

Patio Homes - Pros

  • A patio home is usually less expensive than a single family home
  • Not as crowded (dense) as townhomes or condominiums
  • No neighbors above or below
  • Often only one shared wall
  • A patio home affords an easy lifestyle – HOA often covers roof replacement, exterior maintenance, landscape maintenance, common area maintenance, and other expenses
  • Ideal for “lock and leave” vacation homes
  • No stairs and low maintenance make patio homes popular with seniors
  • Commonly includes amenities such as a community pool

Patio Homes - Cons

  • Noise from neighbors through the shared wall or walls
  • Homeowners’ association fees and politics, and CC&R restrictions
  • Less common than townhouses or condominiums, so the selection of patio homes may be small
  • No yard, just a patio overlooking a common area.

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