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Types of Homes in Phoenix and Scottsdale


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Duplex, Gemini ,or Twin Home - What is a Duplex ,Gemini, or Twin Home?
What is a duplex?

A classic Sun City, Arizona duplex made up of two twin or gemini homes.

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For the Arizona real estate industry and the Maricopa County Assessor, a duplex is a building with 2 units in it. If you own a duplex, you own an entire building that has 2 units in it. Similarly, if you own a 4-plex, you own an entire building that has 4 units in it.

The real estate industry in Arizona calls a single unit within a duplex a “gemini” or “twin” home. Nevertheless, most people who are not real estate professionals call both the single unit and the entire building a duplex.

Duplex, Gemini or Twin Home - Pros

  • Less expensive than single family homes
  • Only one shared wall

Duplex, Gemini or Twin Home - Cons

  • Noise from your neighbor
  • Owners of twin homes need to coordinate exterior and roof maintenance, if home is not part of a larger HOA that covers those expenses
  • Duplexes have small yards or no yard
  • Less common than townhouses or condominiums so the selection of gemini homes may be small

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