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Language Instruction and International Organizations

Looking for a place in the Phoenix area where you can learn French, Italian, Spanish, or Japanese? Here are some ideas for you. Also included are organizations that focus on these foreign cultures.

Alliance Francaise of Greater Phoenix
A non-profit educational and cultural organization. Encourages knowledge and appreciation of French culture, the study of the French language, and promotes friendship among Americans and all French-speaking people.

Arizona Language Center
Six levels of courses in both Grammar and Conversation, range from Pre-Beginner to Advanced, and attract learners of all age levels. English/Spanish.

Located in central Phoenix. Programs for adults and children. They teach many languages, but the most popular are English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.

Corporate Language Solutions
Designs and facilitates training programs in foreign languages and English. Programs are geared to the specific demands of business.

English as a Second Language - ESL
From your About Guide to ESL. "English is the common tongue of our global village. Whether you live and work in an English speaking country, or need English for travel and fun, English is the passport to success and a deeper understanding of our quickly changing world."

French - Learn French
From your About Guide to French Language. Includes lessons and linguistics, classroom ideas, cultural info, and more.

German - Learn German
From your About Guide to German Language. In addition to language-learning tips and free online German lessons, the site offers links to the best German-language resources on the Web.

Provides Spanish language training to individuals and businesses.

Italian - Learn Italian
Your About Italian Language Guide brings you articles and resources about Italian language and culture. For beginners, children, adults, and advanced.

Japanese - Learn Japanese
Your About Guide to Japanese Language offers lessons and other resources for Japanese language information.

Le Tutor
Private foreign language lessons, academic language tutoring and business language training. Specializes in teaching conversational language skills for business, travel and academic language learners.

Spanish - Learn Spanish
Your About Guide to Spanish Language will assist both beginners and advanced learners with the Spanish language and Spanish culture.

Spanish Abroad
Learn Spanish through Spanish language immersion, study Spanish abroad, and Spanish Language School semester programs.

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