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Here are local resources for pregnancy and parenting information, health care, child care, pre-schools, adoption services, activities, counseling and more. Senior resources, Gay/Lesbian information, volunteering, and places of worship will also be found here.
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Five Ways To Save Money All Year Long
Save money by using the services and attending the programs provided by the public libraries in the Greater Phoenix area.

DIY Divorce in Arizona
Do I need a lawyer to file for divorce in Arizona? Here is some advice about DIY divorce in Arizona.

Domestic Partner Registry
If you have a domestic partner, you'll want to learn about the domestic partner registry established by some cities in Arizona.

Filing for Divorce in Arizona - Readers Share Their Stories
Are you thinking of handling your own divorce in Arizona? Phoenix area residents share their DIY divorce stories.

Green Living in Phoenix
Here are resources for Phoenix residents on "living green." That is, conserving our natural resources and living in a healthier way, for ourselves and for our environment.

Home Safety
Arizona ranks third among states with respect to the number of deaths that result from unintentional injuries. Get the details of this report on Arizona home safety.

Jewish in Phoenix and Scottsdale
While there is a Jewish population in Greater Phoenix, concentrations of which you'll find in Central/North Phoenix and in North Scottsdale, there aren't many places around town where you can buy Kosher products, eat in a Kosher restaurant, or buy Judaica (items relating to Judaism). I have listed a few of the most popular places here. You can...

Kid Friendly Cities
See how Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and Glendale did in this ranking of kid-friendly cities.

Save Money
Living on a tight budget isn't always easy, and the cost of living in the Phoenix metro area really isn't less than most other major metropolitan areas. If saving money is important to you, then these resources might help you and your family live better with a little less money.

Restaurants Where Kids Can Eat for Free - Weekly Planner
A listing, organized by day, of restaurants that offer a Kids Eat Free program in the Greater Phoenix area.

Summer Camp
Find the pefect summer camp for your children in the Phoenix area. All price ranges, all interests, day camps and sleep away camps.

Volunteering Can Bolster Your Resumé
If you are looking for a job, or even if you aren't, volunteering can help your resume while you assist some worthwhile causes in the Phoenix area.

Best Cities For Singles 2003
Forbes.com researched what it believes to be the best cities for singles in America. First, they came up with a list of the 40 largest cities in the country, as defined by the 2000 U.S. Census. Where did Phoenix come in?

Best Cities for Singles 2004
Here is the Forbes.com rankings for the best cities in the country for singles. Phoenix did pretty well this year.

Single in Phoenix 2005
Phoenix is rated as a good place to be single, especially as relates to potential job growth and cost of living. See how Phoenix rates among big cities for being single.

Single In Phoenix 2006
Is Phoenix, AZ a good place to be single? According to Forbes, Phoenix is one of the best large cities in the country for singles.

Jobs, Homes, Schools, Weather, Photos
Information here that will help you in your everyday Greater Phoenix life. Gardening, job search, taxes, health issues, driving -- all that and more.

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