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Jewish in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Find Kosher Restaurants and Markets, Shop For Israeli Gifts


While there is a Jewish population in Greater Phoenix, concentrations of which you'll find in Central/North Phoenix and in North Scottsdale, there aren't many places around town where you can buy Kosher products, eat in a Kosher restaurant, or buy Judaica (items relating to Judaism). I have listed a few of the most popular places here. You can find more locations businesses of interest to those of the Jewish faith at Phoenix Community Kollel.

1. The Jewish Collection

10820 N. 71st Place, Scottsdale
Offering a complete inventory of Judaica, as well as art and silver. Featuring exclusive Israeli products and artists, the largest collection in Arizona. This store also offers kosher food, wine and meat pickup from Segal’s Kosher Foods.

2. Segal’s One Stop Kosher Foods & Oasis Grill

4818 N. 7th Street, Phoenix
Dry goods, frozen foods, Chalav Yisrael dairy, and a Pas Yisrael Bakery as well as a full service butcher department that specializes in Glatt Kosher beef, veal, lamb and poultry and a full line of deli meats. The largest selection of kosher wines in Phoenix. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner six days per week.

3. Imperial Market & Deli

737 E. Glendale Avenue, Phoenix
Glatt Kosher restaurant and deli marketplace. Offers Shabbat and Holiday take-out.

4. Mozart Café & Bakery

7116 E. Mercer Lane, Scottsdale
Mozart Café offers Middle Eastern pastries and cuisines as well as coffee and drinks. Certified Kosher Dairy (Cholov Yisroel). Most of the menu is vegetarian, with the exception of some dishes that include seafood.

5. King Solomon's Pizza

4810 N. 7th Street, Phoenix
A family-owned business opened in 2001, strictly Kosher and vegetarian, supervised by Vaad HaKashruth of Greater Phoenix. Fish and vegetables are brought in fresh daily and dough is home-made from scratch every day.

6. Scottsdale Cafe and Market

10211 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale
A full service delicatessen and sit-down café. Everything is kosher: staple foods, artisan breads, imported groceries, and specialty kosher items are also available. Lactose-free and gluten-free products. Fresh meat and poultry is certified hormone-free, preservative-free, and MSG-free.

7. Chompie's

Locations in Chandler, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Tempe.
A New York style delicatessen, restaurant and bakery. Special menus offered for Jewish holidays, in the restaurant and for take-out. Chompie's baking company is certified strictly kosher under the Orthodox Union (OU) and delivers to more than 500 Valley restaurants, resorts, and major food chains throughout Arizona, Colorado, California, Utah, and Texas.

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