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Phoenix/Tempe Hotels on Light Rail

Hotels With Walking Distance of the Train


Phoenix/Tempe Hotels on Light Rail

Hotel Palomar Phoenix

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This list is designed for those people who may be coming to the Phoenix area and want to find a hotel within walking distance of a METRO Light Rail station. In this way, people arriving at the airport could take the connecting shuttle to the light rail station, and use light rail to get to their hotel.

People who are visiting and intend to stay at one of these hotels during their stay are most likely to be able to handle all their transportation needs on light rail if they will be going to:

  • Phoenix Convention Center (conventions and trade shows)
  • Chase Field (baseball)
  • US Airways Center (basketball, concerts)
  • Symphony Hall (Phoenix Symphony)
  • Comerica Theatre (theatre, concerts)
  • Tempe Beach Park / Tempe Town Lake (concerts, festivals, water recreation)
  • Arizona State University (university, theatre, stadiums)

There are many other major points of interests, such as museums, bars and shopping, along the light rail route. You can see a map of those points of interest here.

Now, a word about these hotels. The Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa hotels I have included here are within half a mile of a METRO Light Rail station. These are usually rated as better than average in quality. Cheaper hotels can be found, but remember -- if the price seems too good to be true you might not want to stay there. In general, you will find that smaller hotels on East or West Van Buren, near ASU and near the airport might be less than desirable. That's not true of all, of course, but true of many. In those neighborhoods, I'd stick to the known brands of hotels. Also, if you are willing to walk farther than half a mile from your hotel to Light Rail you'll have more options. In this case, please remember that between May and September walking a mile back and forth from a light rail station to your hotel can be very unpleasant due to high temperatures. A one mile walk in 110°F can easily result in heat-related illness. Now that I have warned you about cheap hotels and long walks, check here for cheaper hotels and hotels that are farther than 1/2 mile.

Phoenix Hotels Near Phoenix METRO Light Rail Line

(See these hotels on a clickable map showing the METRO Light Rail stations.)

Tempe Hotels Near Phoenix METRO Light Rail Line

Mesa Hotels Near Phoenix METRO Light Rail Line

If you will be leaving the immediate area of METRO Light Rail during your visit, a taxi might be the best bet if you are just going somewhere once or twice, like Scottsdale or Glendale. Keep in mind that it is rare here that you are able to just stand on a city street and hail a cab. This isn't Times Square! It is more likely that you'll have to arrange for a cab in advance. If you'll be doing some traveling around the Greater Phoenix area, renting a car is advisable.

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