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Arizona Center


Arizona Center Location:

Arizona Center is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The mailing address is 455 N. 3rd Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85004-2240. Here's a map and directions to Arizona Center.

Number of stores at the Arizona Center:

There are more than 10 stores at the Arizona Center.

Anchor or main stores at the Arizona Center:

There are no department stores or anchor stores at the Arizona Center. If anything, the restaurants are the anchors here.

Unusual stores or offerings at the Arizona Center:

The Flag World has been around for quite a while, and you can get those Arizona gifts from the Outwest Gifts store.

Number of restaurants at the Arizona Center:

At any one time there are usually in the neighborhood of 10 eating or snack places at the Arizona Center. Hooters is a mainstay of the Arizona Center. Lombardi's closed in 2006 and was replaced by My Big Fat Greek Restaurant. You'll also find sushi, Mexican food and Italian here. This shopping and dining area is very popular on game, theatre, and symphony nights.

What sets the Arizona Center apart:

This is a small outdoor mall, surrounded by office buildings. There are garden areas, and places for people, many of them office workers, to sit and snack or enjoy the weather. The stores here cater to the Phoenix Convention Center crowd, and are generally for tourists. There are 24 AMC movie theaters. Often, there are kiosks set up with more souvenir-type merchandise.

Points of interest nearby:

Chase Field, US Airways Center, Herberger Theatre, Symphony Hall, CityScape, Comerica Theatre are all within walking distance.

Tips about shopping at the Arizona Center:

Parking is not free, but some stores and restaurants will validate your parking ticket, so take it with you.

Pictures of the Arizona Center:


This information about the Arizona Center was current as of April 2006. Stores open and close, mall programs change, mall hours change. With specific questions about the mall, visit Arizona Center online or call them at 602-271-4000.

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