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Westgate Entertainment District


Westgate Entertainment District

Westgate Entertainment District (formerly known as Westgate City Center)

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Number of stores at Westgate Entertainment District:

Westgate Entertainment District (formerly known as Westgate City Center) isn't a typical mall. It is more a shopping/eating and drinking/entertainment destination. There are about 10 stores (more or less) at Westgate, most of which target a youthful shopper interested in style and sports.

Anchor or main stores at Westgate Entertainment District:

There are no department or true anchor stores here.

My favorite stores at Westgate Entertainment District:

Just Sports, Quiksilver

Restaurants at Westgate Entertainment District:

There are more restaurants and bars than there are retailers at Westgate, making it a great destination for a casual meal or a few beers. One of the most popular spots is Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. You'll find Mexican food at Camarone's, get a steak at the Yard House, enjoy huge platters of food while you watch people ride a mechanical bull at Saddle Ranch, or sip drinks at McFadden's. For entertainment with your food and beverage, listen to the dueling pianos at The Shout! House.

Worth mentioning:

WaterDance Plaza is an open-air water attraction in the Entertainment Disctrict, combining water effects with songs and video imagery in two shows every half-hour every day. Outdoor concerts and parties hosted by Westgate are often located at WaterDance Plaza.

Fountain Park on the north side of Westgate is a garden environment. Bring a towel if you and the kids plan on playing in the interactive fountain here. On Friday and Saturday nights you can enjoy free musical entertainment here.

More about Westgate:

AMC has a multiplex movie theater at Westgate Entertainment District with 20 screens.

Westgate Entertainment District is an especially busy place before and after sporting events and concerts that are held at the University of Phoenix Stadium and Jobing.co Arena.

Westgate Entertainment District hosts various special events during the year, including special parties for sporting events, like the Fiesta Bowl, and holiday celebrations.

Westgate Entertainment District Location:

6770 N Sunrise Blvd.
Glendale, AZ 85305

Westgate Entertainment District is located in Glendale, Arizona. That's just west of Phoenix. Here's a map to Westgate Entertainment District. Parking is free.

Points of interest nearby:

What it looks like:

Enjoy these photos of Westgate Entertainment District in the Shopping Mall photo gallery.


Stores and restaurants open and close, and mall programs and other features change from time to time. If you have specific questions about the mall, visit Westgate Entertainment District online or call them at 623-772-4000.

All offerings are subject to change without notice.

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