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Arizona Wildfires

Summer in Arizona Means Forest Fires



Where this wildfire finally stopped.

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Many people think of only desert when they think of Arizona -- images of cowboys and sand and saguaro cacti and the old west are immediately conjured up. It may surprise you that there are six national forests in Arizona:

  1. Apache-Sitgreaves - East-Central Arizona
    2 million acres, 450 miles of rivers & streams. The Apache and Sitgreaves National Forests are managed as one national forest.
  2. Coconino - North-Central Arizona
    1.8 million acres, elevations to 12,643 feet,the highest peak in the state. Includes Oak Creek Canyon in the Sedona area.
  3. Coronado - Southern Arizona
    1.7 million acres, elevations from 3,000 to 10,000 feet, 8 wilderness areas
  4. Kaibab - North-Western Arizona
    1.6 million acres, elevations from 5,500 to 10,418 feet, 4 wilderness areas
  5. Prescott - Central Arizona
    1.25 million acres, 8 wilderness area
  6. Tonto - Central Arizona
    3 million acres, elevations from 1,300 to 8,000 feet, 8 wilderness areas. One of the Nation's top 10 visited forests

Check here for updates on current wildfire activity in Arizona.

See photos of Arizona wildfires.

It is unlikely that wildfires will have any direct impact on large metropolitan areas like Phoenix and Tucson, but there certainly are indirect impacts of such fires on the major metro areas of Arizona.

  • Air quality
    Smoke can be hazardous to many people, and it can drift very far during wildfire season. If you have respiratory problems, make sure you keep current on any wildfires burning in Arizona. Authorities will generally let you know when there are advisories for smoky air.
  • Economic impact
    Not only does fighting forest fires have an obvious cost, but wildfires also affect our insurance rates, as well as Arizona tourism during the summer season.
  • Environmental affects of forest loss.

Current Arizona Wildfires and Fire Restrictions

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