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Your Guide to Coping: May through September in Greater Phoenix


There are those who just can't handle the desert in the summer, just like there are people who hate the snow and can't tolerate winter in other parts of the country. If you're here, the best way to get through the summer is to adapt. Here are some resources for living -- happily, I hope -- in triple digit temperatures.
  1. Get Wet and Cool Off
  2. Air-Conditioned Entertainment
  3. Energetic Kids
  4. Early Mornings or Evenings Outdoors
  5. Summer Spectator Sports
  6. Get Outta Town
  7. Do You Feel a Need For Beach?
  8. It's So Hot That...
  1. Back to School
  2. Summer Safety
  3. Summer Yards and Gardens
  4. Conserve Energy and Save Water
  5. Laugh It Off
  6. Summer Dates To Remember
  7. 4th of July

Get Wet and Cool Off

Phoenix Pool

When summer comes we all head to water. We don't have any real beaches in the Phoenix area, but here are some places where you can beat the heat with some wet fun.

Air-Conditioned Entertainment

Splashing around is fun, but the time comes when we just need to get out of the sun. Here are some indoor activities that you might want to consider this summer.

Energetic Kids

Indoor Kids Theme Parks in Phoenix

It's summer vacation, and ever since the second day with no school the kids have been bored. There are a variety of places all over town where they can expend some energy and have a great time. And these are all indoors!

Early Mornings or Evenings Outdoors

Arizona Lakes

There are a few summer activities worth considering even though they are outside. You might be best to do these either very early in the morning or in the evening. Typically, places that offer summertime activities provide shade or other respite from the sun. Ask first if you think the heat might get to you, and go prepared with sunscreen, a hat and water.

Summer Spectator Sports

Summer Spectator Sports in Phoenix AZ

Phoenix has professional and college sporting events all year long for your enjoyment. Many tickets are reasonably priced, and some are even free! Why not go to a game this summer?

Get Outta Town

Prescott, AZ

No matter what we do, sometimes we just need to escape from the incessant heat. Here are some ideas for trips to places that are probably 10-20 degrees cooler than Phoenix, and within a couple of hours by car. If you don't want to drive to those, you could always just check into a local resort!

Do You Feel a Need For Beach?

Rocky Point Beach

These spots are a bit farther than a couple of hours, but Phoenicians are well known for packing up and heading to the nearest coast during the summer.

It's So Hot That...

It Is Hot in Phoenix

Yes, let's begin with the obvious. It's hot in the desert. Having lived here for about 30 years, I can honestly say that it isn't so much the heat that tends to wear me down, it's the duration of the summer season. Summertime in the Phoenix area lasts about five months, or longer, despite what the calendar indicates.

Back to School

Phoenix Schools

School calendars aren't especially consistent around here, but most public schools finish the school year sometime in May and start up again in August.

Summer Safety


Phoenix area residents need to find ways to adapt to everyday living when the temperatures soar. Shopping, activities, driving, pets -- it's important for everyone to be safe.

Summer Yards and Gardens

Phoenix Summer Gardens

Not everything green dies in the heat in Phoenix. Cacti (or cactuses, if you must) flower, vegetables grow, roses bloom, and desert flora flourish.

Conserve Energy and Save Water

Electric Meter

We might not use a lot of heat or water in the winter, but in the summer our energy consumption soars. It is important to conserve, for both the earth and our wallets.

Laugh It Off

Fry an egg on the Sidewalk

It gets so hot in Phoenix that all you can do is laugh about it. People might wonder why we live here. Well, during the winter months you can be sure that we are calling all our relatives up north and back east to tell them that we're wearing shorts and barbecuing outside. Enjoy these jokes that poke fun at our summer weather.

Summer Dates To Remember

Father's Day

During May, June, July, August and September you just can't cover yourself with ice packs and wait for the temperatures to drop. There are some special days that require your attention.

4th of July

4th of July in Greater Phoenix

During our prolonged summer in Phoenix we'll celebrate Mother's Day, Memorial Day Father's Day, Flag Day and Labor Day. None of these compares to the excitement in the Valley of the Sun on the 4th of July. Nearly every community has an event, as well as special events and activities that acknowledge the red, white and blue.

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