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Digital TV Comes to Phoenix

Five Tips About DTV


In the Phoenix area, local stations are already broadcasting in digital at this time. The following channels are used by local Arizona stations.

  • KTVK Channel 3
  • KPHO Channel 5 (CBS)
  • KAET Channel 8 (PBS)
  • KSAZ Channel 10 (FOX)
  • KPNX Channel 12 (NBC)
  • KNXV Channel 15 (ABC)
  • KUTP Channel 45 (My Network TV)
  • KASW Channel 61 (CW)
    • After the conversion to digital TV, most of these local Arizona stations will be seen on the same channel as they are now, although they will be UHF at that time and not VHF. If you have a VHF only antenna you won't get reception after the conversion.

      Five Tips About DTV

  1. I applied for my converter box coupon in July 2008 and it took about 10 days to arrive. Don't delay! I expect wait times to get even longer as the February 2009 deadline draws near.
  2. The coupon for the converter box is a credit-card type card with a unique number. Don't lose it! It cannot be replaced.
  3. The best thing to do when you receive the coupon is to buy your converter right away. The coupon expires in 90 days!
  4. When you receive you coupon you'll also get a list of retailers in your neighborhood that are participating in the coupon program. Very handy!
  5. You can't buy a converter and then get $40 back after the fact. There is no rebate program. You must have the coupon at the time of purchase. After the coupon is applied, you can expect to pay between $15 and $30 for the converter box.
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