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Arizona Newspapers

Offering Home Delivery


If you are new to the Phoenix area, or you are moving to Arizona, you can arrange in advance to have major newspapers delivered to your door.

1. The Arizona Republic - Delivers all over Arizona

The Arizona Republic is the newspaper with the largest circulation in Arizona. It includes international news, national news, local news, entertainment, sports, classifieds, real estate, travel -- all the coverage of a major news publication. Subscribers have 3 delivery options: seven days; Friday, Saturday and Sunday; Sunday only.

2. Phoenix Business Journal - Delivers in Phoenix Metro

The Phoenix Business Journal is a weekly paper (Friday only) that covers Arizona business news. People involved or interested in local business issues, as well as sales and marketing people looking to keep abreast of local comings and goings.

3. Wall Street Journal - Delivers in Phoenix and Tucson Metros

The Wall Street Journal can deliver financial news directly to your door 6 days per week in the Phoenix and Tucson areas.

4. Arizona Daily Star - Delivers in Tucson Metro

Many Tucsonans get their daily news from the Arizona Daily Star.

5. USA Today - Delivers in Tucson Metro

A national, colorful newspaper that covers national and international news and sports. Available for deliver Monday through Friday.

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