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Scottsdale Bans Nudity in Clubs


The City of Scottsdale has unanimously passed an ordinance that would require strip clubs to install a four-foot buffer separating dancers from customers of the club. That means no more lap dances and no more touching. Full nudity would also be illegal.

The Sexually Oriented Business ordinance bans nude dancing and requires that patrons be kept four feet from strippers during performances. If lap dances are illegal, then the main revenue source for the strippers is eliminated. The regulations severely limit the activities that are considered standard for a strip club.

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Latest Developments

Opponents of the new restrictions on physical or sexual contact at clubs in Scottsdale have gathered petitions which they hope will be sufficient to put the issue in front of the Scottsdale voters during 2006. Meanwhile, Jenna Jameson has put her plans for Club Jenna on hold.


There are two strip clubs in Scottsdale, Skin Cabaret and Babe's Cabaret, and both been around for many years. In 2005 the internationally known porn star Jenna Jameson, a local resident, bought Babe's Cabaret with the intention of turning it into an upscale strip club called Club Jenna.

Jenna Jameson cries foul, that the Scottsdale Mayor and City Council approved the ordinance to keep her from opening the club. The City of Scottsdale denies that, saying that the plan was formulated before Jenna ever purchased Babe's Cabaret. Jameson contends that the two strip clubs quietly existed in south Scottsdale for many years, but that Scottsdale's officials acted only when Jenna Jameson purchased Babe's and promised to make it a high profile club.

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