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Stand Up Scottsdale


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Stand Up Scottsdale
Stand Up Scottsdale Comedy Club in Scottsdale AZ

Patrons gather before the show at Stand Up Scottsdale

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Downtown Scottsdale is typically known for art galleries and restaurants. In 2011 the comedy club, Stand Up Scottsdale, opened in Scottsdale (some people who have lived here for several years will remember this location as where Anderson's Fifth Estate used to be) featuring both local and nationally known stand-up comedians. Local residents and visitors to Scottsdale can see a variety of funny people on Friday and Saturday nights. On Wednesdays, open mic night is free.

About Stand Up Scottsdale


Stand Up Scottsdale Street Address
6820 East Fifth Avenue
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Stand Up Scottsdale General Phone Number

Stand Up Scottsdale Online

Directions to Stand Up Scottsdale

Stand Up Scottsdale is located in downtown Scottsdale, Arizona. It's just north of Indian School Road on 5th Avenue. There's plenty of free parking on the street and within a couple of blocks of the club.

How to Get Tickets

Tickets are typically $10 or $15 each. Groups of 6 or more may get a discount.

1. Online
2. Make a reservation by email and pay at the door.
3. At the club on show nights, if tickets are still available.

There are no tickets necessary for Open Mic Night on Wednesday nights. It's free to attend. Show up early if you want to sign up to perform.

Food and Beverage at Stand Up Scottsdale
Stand Up Scottsdale has a one-page menu with snacks, sandwiches, sliders and burgers. You may order food and beverage throughout the show. There is a two-item minimum in addition to the ticket charge. On Open Mic and College Nights there is no cover -- ticket prices are charged to compensate paid performers -- but there's still a two item minimum. That covers the club's expenses for being open. On those "no cover" nights you'll find some bargains on the menu.

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