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Phoenix Facts and Fiction: Crime, Statistics, Quizzes and People

Find out about Phoenix and the greater Phoenix area. Includes famous Arizonans, crime and criminals, quizzes, puzzles, fun things to know and Arizona trivia.
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  2. Arizona State Symbols (11)
  3. How To... (24)
  4. Phoenix Statistics (27)
  5. Crime and Criminals (108)
  6. Native American (28)
  7. Puzzles, Games, Quizzes (7)
  8. Weird and Wacky (45)
  9. Arizona Acronyms (9)
  10. Famous Arizonans (204)

Are You Looking for Someone in the Phoenix Area?
If you are trying to contact Alice Cooper, Allison DuBois, Sandra Day O'Connor, or any other person in the Phoenix area, read this before you email me to ask for assistance.

Arizona: From Territory To Statehood
Read a brief overview of Arizona history, from Arizona Territory to Arizona Statehood.

Arizona Centennial
Arizona Centennial takes place on February 14, 2012, but there are many events and activities leading up to that date to celebrate the milestone.

Arizona Statehood Day
Arizona celebrates its Statehood Day on February 14. It was the 48th state admitted to the union.

Arizona Time Zone is Mountain Standard Time
Arizona does not observe Daylight Saving Time. This means that in Arizona we never change our clocks like most of the rest of the country does.

Daylight Saving Time in Arizona - Daylight Savings Time in Phoenix - Share...
Share your opinion about daylight Saving Time. Should Arizona participate? Should everyone else abandon it? Did you ever forget and miss a flight or a meeting?

Downtown Phoenix
The downtown area has been unimpressive in the past, but many people are working hard to continue to develop the appeal of downtown Phoenix--and they are being very successful.

How Arizona Compares
Extracts of a study done in 2004 indicating how Arizona residents feel about the State of Arizona compares to other states.

I Hate Phoenix, Arizona
Not everything is rosy in the Valley of the Sun. Here are five things that I don't like about living in Phoenix.

I Love Phoenix, Arizona
I love Phoenix, Arizona. Here are five things I love about living in the Phoenix area.

Kachina Doll
The best of them, and the majority of them, are products of the Hopi Indian craftsmen. Why, when, where did the inspiration come from? What do the dolls represent?

Movies Filmed in Arizona
Considering that this isn't New York or Hollywood, Arizona has had its fair share of movies filmed here, if not in whole, at least in part. The unique environment of the Desert Southwest makes Arizona a popular state for movie production.

Pheonix - Pheonix Arizona - Pheonix AZ
Pheonix is probably one of the most popular misspellings of the city Phoenix in Arizona. If you meant to type Phoenix instead of Pheonix, you've come to the right place anyway!

Phoenix Acronyms - Arizona Acronyms
Here are the definitions of acronyms that a specific to the Phoenix area.

Phoenix is a Safe City - Few Natural Disasters in Phoenix
Phoenix was named the second safest city in 2006 when it comes to evaluating the potential of natural disasters and terrorism.

Pleasant Surprises About Phoenix
Want to know what people say are the pleasant surprises about Phoenix? Here are some positive impressions from people moving to the Valley of the Sun.

Pronounce Common Arizona Words
There are many words that have either Mexican or Indian influence here. Learning how to pronounce them will allow you to speak like a native Arizonan.

Pronounce the Names of Places in Arizona
When you come to Phoenix, there are certain words that are tough to pronounce. If you say these correctly, everyone will surely think you're a native Arizonan.

Sunrise in Phoenix
Whether it will be dark while driving home from work, or how early people start jogging during the summer months, or how late kids can play outside in the evenings can vary from other parts of the

Things You Won't Find in Phoenix
Many people have misconceptions about the Southwest and the desert. Here are ten things that you won't find in Phoenix -- some are good and some are not!

Urban Villages of Phoenix
There are many cities and towns that make up the greater Phoenix area. To make matters even more confusing, the City is Phoenix is broken up into defined areas, or Urban Villages.

What Time Is It in Arizona?
Do you want to know what time it is right now in Phoenix, Arizona? Here's a clock with the Phoenix time!

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