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Phoenix and Arizona Acronyms

The Letter "A"


What does ADEQ stand for? ADEQ is the acronym for the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. You don't say it as a word, you just spell it: A-D-E-Q. These are the folks who monitor our air, water and waste and have the challenge of keeping our environment safe for our growing population to enjoy.
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What does ADOT stand for? ADOT is the acronym for Arizona Department of Transportation. You will hear it pronounced as a word: A-dot. This is the state agency that is responsible for roads, highways, traffic and the MVD (see page 4).
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What does AHCCCS stand for? AHCCCS is the acronym for Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System. It is pronounced like the word "access." AHCCCS is Arizona’s Medicaid program. AHCCCS contracts with health plans and other program contractors, to deliver health care to some of Arizona's citizens in need. AHCCCS receives federal, state and county funds to operate, plus some monies from Arizona’s tobacco tax.
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What does AIMS stand for? AIMS is the acronym for Arizona's Instrument to Measure Standards. It is pronounced like the word "aims" as in the sentence, "he aims his weapon and fires." It is a mechanism for standardized testing. Since its inception in 1999, AIMS has been very controversial and has been tweaked several times. Parents and teachers have criticized AIMS as being too difficult, and, therefore, making our students appear to be at lower levels of accomplishment than in other states.
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What does ALEX stand for? ALEX is the acronym for Ahwatukee Local Explorer. It is pronounced like the name "Alex." ALEX is a free neighborhood circulator service Provided by the City of Phoenix that follows a 40 mile round trip route through Ahwatukee Foothills.
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What APS does stand for? APS is the acronym for Arizona Public Service. You don't say it as a word, you just spell it: A-P-S. APS is one of the two major electric companies in the greater Phoenix area. The other one is SRP (see page 5). APS generates, sells and delivers electricity and energy-related products and services. APS serves more than 900,000 customers in 11 of Arizona’s 15 counties, and is the operator and co-owner of the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station – a primary source of electricity for the Southwest.
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What does ARS stand for? ARS is the acronym for Arizona Revised Statutes. You don't say it as a word, you just spell it: A-R-S. These are the state laws of Arizona, as approved by the Arizona Legislature.
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What does ASU stand for? ASU is the acronym for Arizona State University. You don't say it as a word, you just spell it: A-S-U. You may also hear ASUE (Arizona State University East), ASUW (Arizona State University West) and ASUM (Arizona State University Main). ASU was established in Tempe in 1885. It was originally a teachers college. ASU has had several names since its inception: Normal School of Arizona, Tempe State Teachers College, Arizona State Teachers College, and Arizona State College. By 1958 the college performed all the functions of a university, and received authorization by an act of the governor to become Arizona State University.
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What AWA does stand for? AWA is the acronym for America West Arena, but that name changed in 2005 to US Airways Center. It was also the acronym for America West Airlines, which merged with US Airways. In either case, you don't say it as a word, you just spell it: A-W-A. US Airways Center, formerly known as America West Arena, is the home of the Phoenix Suns professional NBA basketball team. Many concerts are also held there. US Airways, formerly known as America West Airlines, was nicknamed our hometown airline, since their corporate headquarters was in located in Tempe.
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What does AZ stand for? AZ isn't really an acronym, it's an abbreviation. AZ is the abbreviation for Arizona. Not AR--that's where people from Little Rock live!
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