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John McCain and Cindy McCain

Personal and Family Trivia


John McCain
Photo courtesy John McCain 2008 - www.JohnMcCain.com

Here are some tidbits and trivia items that you might not know about John McCain and his family.

Bits and Pieces About John McCain

  • Cindy McCain is John McCain's second wife. They were married in 1980. He admits to having an affair with her while still married to his first wife, Carol.
  • How old is Cindy McCain? She was born in 1954.
  • Cindy McCain grew up in Phoenix and she attended Central High School.
  • In the 1990s it became public that Cindy McCain was addicted to painkillers. She received treatment for her addiction.
  • Cindy McCain suffered a stroke in 2004 but has fully recovered.
  • John McCain was a POW for 5-1/2 years during the Vietnam war.
  • John McCain has been a host on Saturday Night Live.
  • John McCain has had several bouts with skin cancer.
  • John and Cindy's youngest daughter was adopted from an orphanage run by Mother Teresa. Bridget was 10 weeks old when Cindy first met her while doing humanitarian relief work in Bangladesh.
  • The McCains live in a ranch house in central Phoenix.
  • The bulk of the McCain assets came from Cindy McCain, who comes from a wealthy family.
  • If elected, John McCain would be the oldest person to become the U.S. President for the first time.

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