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Swimming Pool Shapes

Eight Different Types of Pools


If you are considering putting in a swimming pool, you have lots of decisions to make. What kind of swimming pool will you want? What will the primary function of the swimming pool be? Will the kids be playing volleyball all summer long? Will you want to swim laps? Are you short on space? Your new swimming pool can be built to any size or shape or style that you (and your budget) can imagine! Here are eight types of inground swimming pools to help you narrow down your choices.

Play pool
A play pool typically is no deeper than five feet. Play pools generally are built for cooling off and relaxing in, playing volleyball, other water sports, as well as for swimming laps.

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Diving Pool
Diving pools are generally about 8-1/2 feet deep with a diving board or platform. Diving pools can be a real safety hazard, and should only be built to NSPI and ANSI standards.

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Freeform Pool
A freeform pool is a lagoon style pool or naturalistic pool. It usually has have rock features and is built to mimic a oasis. Freeform pools have been popular in the Phoenix area and throughout the country for many years.

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Geometric Pool
Geometric pools usually have very straight lines or or a consistent radius and are typically more traditional looking. There seems to be a shift back to the geometric pool. A geometric pool can be more formal and upscale looking.

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Lap Pool
Lap pools pools are typically narrow and long, usually over 50’, to facilitate exercise and swimming for health and fitness.

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Negative Edge Pool
Negative edge pools are getting more common and require an expert to build. They are also referred to as infinity swimming pools or infinity egde pools. These are designed to look like the pool extends all the way out to the horizon. The mechanics and engineering of infinity pools cannot be compromised.

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The word spool is a combination of a spa and a pool. Spools are typically oversized spas somewhere around 12’ X 14’. Unfortunately, due to construction issues, spools are not necessarily less expensive than an average swimming pool. They might be easier to maintain due to the smaller size, and a spool certainly might be an option for someone with a very small yard.

Perimeter Overflow Pool
This would be a pool where the water level in the pool is the same as the top of the decking. Around the pool perimeter is a channel or notch that the water drains into creating a visual masterpiece. It looks like a big mirror lying on the ground. Very upscale!

Many of these styles can be combined with terrific results. Consult a professional pool builder.

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