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Trans-Siberian Orchestra Winter Tour

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The Bottom Line

In 2008 the Trans-Siberian Orchestra came to Arizona for two sold-out performances of their Winter Tour. The concerts took place at the Jobing.com Arena in Glendale, just west of Phoenix. A portion of the proceeds of this concert benefited Florence Crittenton Services of Arizona, a nonprofit organization that helps at-risk and homeless girls.

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert is often mistakenly referred to as a Christmas concert. This show is not exclusively about Christmas, nor will concert-goers experience anything resembling sing-along Christmas tunes or Santa appearances.


  • Amazing visual treat
  • Very talented musicians


  • Vocal performances not strong
  • Focus on sound volume, not on music
  • No program provided or on web site
  • Two orchestras are on tour at the same time; you don't know if you'll get the big names or not


  • The 2008 Trans-Siberian Orchestra Winter Concert lasted for more than two and a half hours, with no intermission.
  • I was unable to locate any listing of musical selections for the 2008 TSO Winter Concert.
  • The are flashing lights, smoke, fire and it is loud.
  • Cameras were not allowed at this event.
  • At arena concerts in the Valley of the Sun, you'll see people wearing everything from shorts to sequined gowns.
  • Refreshments and adult beverages are available at concession stands and may be brought to your seat.
  • Purchase Trans-Siberian Orchestra music (Compare Prices).
  • Purchase tickets for Trans-Siberian Orchestra through Ticketmaster (Buy Direct).

Guide Review - Trans-Siberian Orchestra Winter Tour

November 2008.

The highlight of this Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert was visual; I was mesmerized by light, color, pyrotechnics, snow, incredible stage design and individually engaging musical performances. I could watch those violinists all night! The concert was a visual feast that so impressed me, I might say it is the best staged concert performance I have ever seen.

The concert was basically presented in two parts. The first was a narrated holiday story format. Some of the narration between songs was long and I found my mind wandering. While the Christmas Canon and Christmas/Sarajevo 12/24 recordings were both performed, the concert didn't offer any of the lovely TSO mainstream arrangements that first-time listeners might have expected. Nearly everything was offered booming and blaring. Vocalists yelled more than sang. There was a terribly long and musically uninteresting presentation by a singer dressed as a street person. I know there was an important message there, but I was too bored by it to listen to it.

The second half of the program thankfully abandoned the holiday lecture. I was glad to hear TSO perform some non-Christmas selections including "O Fortuna" from Carl Orff's Camina Burana.

This concert didn't put me in the mood for the holidays, and I wanted that. However, some of the individual performances and the physical stage and light work made attending worth it for me.

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