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AM Radio Stations in Phoenix, Arizona

Listed Numerically by Station Number


This is a listing and description of AM Radio Stations that you can listen to in the Phoenix, Arizona area. These stations are listed in numerical order by station / dial number. Check here to see a listing of AM radio stations organized alphabetically by call letters.

Is there a station missing, or has one of these radio stations changed formats or disappeared entirely? Please let me know.

1. 550 - KFYI

News talk.

2. 620 - KTAR

News, traffic, talk, sports.

3. 740 - KIDR

Spanish language news/talk station.

4. 860 - KMVP


5. 910 - KGME


6. 960 - KKNT

Conservative talk radio.

7. 1010 - KXXT

Christian family values.

8. 1060 - KDUS


9. 1100 - KFNX

Local and national talk radio.

10. 1190 - KNUV

Spanish language news talk.

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