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FM Radio Stations in Phoenix, Arizona

Numerically Listed, by Station Number


This is a listing and description of FM Radio Stations that you can listen to in the Phoenix, Arizona area. These stations are listed in numerical order by station or dial number. Check here to see a listing of FM radio stations organized alphabetically by call letters.

Is there a station missing, or has one of these radio stations changed formats or disappeared entirely? Please let me know.

1. 88.3 - KNAI

Regional Mexican (during the day).

2. 89.1 - KLVK

Christian contemporary.

3. 89.5 - KBAQ

Classical music from Rio Salado College.

4. 90.3 - KFLR

Religion / Spirituality, Family.

5. 91.5 - KJZZ

NPR news, talk and jazz. Service of Rio Salado and Maricopa Community colleges.

6. 92.3 - KTAR

News talk.

7. 93.3 - KDKB


8. 94.1 - KRDE

Independently owned, playing "Country with Personality."

9. 94.5 - KOOL

Greatest hits / oldies.

10. 95.1 - KVIB

Bilingual, bi-cultural live / local Hispanic.

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