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Soup, Salad and Appetizer Recipes

Recipes From Your Favorite Phoenix Chefs


Phoenix AZ Holiday Recipes
Pumpkin and Ginger Soup © Boulders Resort

We have many highly acclaimed restaurants in the Phoenix area, and several of them have joined me in helping you create some soups, salads and appetizers for your holiday celebration or special occasion. Whether you are preparing a Thanksgiving feast, or a Christmas day brunch, or even a special meal for any other occasion during the year, these recipes will make you feel like the sous chef from your favorite dining establishments around town.

I will be adding recipes as I receive them; check back for more!

Soup, Salad, Starter, Appetizer Recipes From Greater Phoenix Chefs


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Page 2: Soup, Salad, Starter, Appetizer Recipes
Page 3: Main Course and Side Dish Recipes
Page 4: Dessert Recipes


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