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Relocation and New to Phoenix - Moving to Phoenix

If you are considering moving to the Phoenix, Arizona area, there is a lot that you need to know before you arrive. Here are the relocation basics to get you on your way to an informed move to the area.
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Ranking Phoenix: Tops and Bottoms
A lot of organizations and publications rank U.S. cities based on certain criteria. Best cities for jobs, or worst cities for air pollution or a myriad of other criteria! I put together some of the lists that might be instructional (or might not!) about living in the Greater Phoenix area. I update the list regularly.

Readers Share: Love and Hate Phoenix
Do you love Phoenix or hate Phoenix? Tell us what you like about living in the Phoenix area, or what you don't like about living in the Phoenix area.

About Metro Phoenix: Considering a Move
This is an e-course designed by your About Guide to Phoenix. There are 8 installments, one each week, that discuss many of the issues that are in the forefront of peoples' minds when they are considering a move to the area. Sign up--it's free!

Handling Desert Heat E-Course
Phoenix is located in the Sonoran Desert, and it gets hot. Really hot. Often. The summer heat of the Arizona desert lasts for more than just a couple of months, too. Some people can handle it, and some people can't. This course will cover an array of topics related to handling the hot summer months, including your home, your health, your car, your pets, and more.

I Love Phoenix, Arizona
I love Phoenix, Arizona. Here are five things I love about living in the Phoenix area.

Phoenix Relocation Quiz
This Phoenix relocation quiz is meant to be fun, but it is also intended to give you some things to think about.

Apply for U.S. Citizenship
If you are considering becoming a U.S. citizen, the U.S. Federal Government has eligibility requirements. If you meet the following qualifications, you may be able to apply for citizenship based on permanent residency.

Arizona Area Codes
We have several area codes in the state. Here's how to figure out how to call around Arizona.

Arizona Driver License
Photos and description of the license, and links to instructions on how to get one.

Arizona Population and Race Statistics
An easy-to-digest compilation of the important population and race statistics in Arizona and Maricopa County.

Arizona Sex Offender Registry
Arizona's Department of Public Safety knows that there are about 12,000 sex offenders in the State of Arizona. When you are searching for a school for your children, you might want to check out this resource.

Taxes in Arizona
Are you considering a move to Arizona? If the answer is yes, you might want to do some research about the taxes in the state. My guess is that some taxes will be lower here than wherever you are moving from, and some taxes will be higher.

Arizona: A Livable State?
For fourteen years, Morgan Quitno Press has issued its Livable State Award. See how the Phoenix area fared on their Livability rating.

Become a Desert Expert
Test your knowledge of the desert in this quiz designed in the format of the "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" TV game show.

Clean Up the Clutter
Paula Henderson Lewis provides some tips to help make your moving day less stressful.

Commute Time Survey Results
See responses posted to the Phoenix Rush Hour Commute Survey. Now you'll know how long it will take to get from here to there.

Commute Time Survey
If you live in the Phoenix area and drive in rush hour, take this survey about your commute time.

East Valley, West Valley. Where is That?
Many people refer to the East Valley or West valley when describing getting around the Phoenix area. What do they mean?

Get a Special License Plate
There are more than 25 different types of license plates available in Arizona. Some have extra fees, and some don't. Here's what you have to know to get a special license plate in Arizona.

Home Valuations on the Rise
The Maricopa County Assessor has determined that median home valuations have increased significantly. That also means that taxes are on the rise.

How To Be Smart When It Is Over 100 Degrees
There are certain things that smart people do (or don't do) when the temperature rises over 100 degrees. Those of us who have lived in Phoenix for a while understand these. Those of you who are new to Phoenix, take our advice!

How To Pronounce Arizona Words
There are many words that have either Mexican or Indian influence here. Learning how to pronounce them will allow you to speak like a native Arizonan.

Living in Arizona
The U.S. Census gives us many statistics about the way we live, including the types of homes we live in. See how Arizona ranks.

Moving Checklist
This checklist starts six weeks prior to your move, and brings you along the process through move-in day. Use this moving checklist to minimize the stress related to your move.

Moving Scams
Moving companies might try to scam you into paying more than you should. Find out what to do if you are a target of a moving company scam.

Nouns That Describe Where You Live
It is common to create a noun to describe a person from a particular city. A person from New York is a New Yorker, and a resident of of California is a Californian. Find out what you'll be called after you move here.

Phoenix Guide Books
Whether you are moving here or just visiting, you'll want to start a library about things to do and see in the area. Here are my top picks.

Phoenix: Top Ten City
But top ten for what, you may ask? The answer is, for being misspelled. Find out which places were on the list of the most misspelled cities in America, and what the history is behind these major Arizona cities' names.

Phoenix Wardrobe Tips - Summer Clothing in Phoenix
Here are some wardrobe tips if you are planning on moving to Phoenix. Should you discard all your winter clothes, and just bring shorts? Here are the answers to your Phoenix clothing questions.

Register to Vote
You must register to vote in Arizona if you want to have an impact on the future of your community. Here's how you do it.

Tempe: A Great Place to Live and Work
The City of Tempe was rated as the fourth best place to live and work in America by BestJobsUSA.com in their 2002 survey.

What Matters in Greater Phoenix
A 1999 document prepared by the Morrison Institute for Public Policy which gives excellent insights into how residents feel about living in the Valley of the Sun. Adobe Acrobat reader required to view document.

Cost of Living Calculator
Compare the cost of living where you are to the major Arizona cities, and to the national average, in various categories.

Crime Comparison
Pick the states you want to compare and then the cities. You'll see how they compare in various categories to the national average and to eachother.

Crime Statistics
The Relocation Crime Lab is brought to you by HomeStore.com.

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