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Moving to Phoenix Online Course

Part 1: How Hot Is It?


This is Part 1 of an 8 part online course. Start here to learn more about and why this course was created and how it is structured.

Moving to Phoenix Online Course

Welcome to the first edition of this special series dedicated to people who are considering relocation to the metro Phoenix area. In this 8-part series I hope to answer many of the questions that you have about the area. We'll cover heat, creatures, neighborhoods, homes, diseases, jobs, schools, and taxes--what fun! If at any time you want to discuss the topics further, or you have a special situation, I invite you to visit the Phoenix Forum where you can solicit various opinions.

Probably the concern raised most often about moving to metro Phoenix is about the weather. Yes, while we are out playing golf and tennis and you are shoveling three feet of snow out of your driveway, you might think that we live in paradise. But in the summer, it gets hot. Very hot. There's no way to sugar-coat it. Sometimes, it gets take-your-breath-away hot. Some people are just fine with it. They go from air-conditioned cars to air-conditioned offices, shop at air-conditioned grocery stores, and so on. Some people just can't bear it.

Some of you say that you've just had just about enough of earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and the other weather calamities that you experience where you live now. The good news is that besides the heat, we only have one unusual weather pattern, the Arizona monsoon. It really isn't that bad, but, like all unusual weather, it can be dangerous.

Trivia to Impress Your Friends

- The metro Phoenix area is known as the Valley of the Sun.
- Phoenix gets over 300 days of sunshine each year.
- On August 14 1996, during the monsoon, a wind gust of 115 mph was recorded.
- The average start date of the monsoon in Phoenix is July 7.
- The hottest day recorded in Phoenix was 122 degrees on June 26, 1990.
- There's really no difference between a forecast of partly sunny and partly cloudy. They are both used when 3/10 and 6/10 of the sky is to be covered with clouds. It just depends whether the weather guy/gal wants to put a positive spin on it or not. Of course, at night, it can't be partly sunny....

And One More Thing

- The hottest temperature ever recorded in the U.S. was 134. It happened in Death Valley, CA (where else?) in 1913.

About That Heat

Arizona Weather Facts
Learn about our weather, including information about some history-making triple-digit temperatures.

How to Be Smart When It's Over 100 Degrees
Here are some tips about dealing with the desert heat. Unless you've lived in the desert, you might not have thought about some of these.

What Does "It's a Dry Heat" Mean?
Some people believe that high temperatures are easier to deal with because of the heat index. Find out more about temperatures and humidity.

How to Avoid Heat Exhaustion
Heat exhaustion is really fairly common. It can happen not only to people who play sports in the summer, but to people sitting in cars, waiting on lines, or sitting in the sun.

Arizona Monsoon

What is the Arizona Monsoon?
Learn what it is, when we get it, what to do about it, and see pictures.

General Weather Information

Average Monthly Temperatures
Not only do I provide the averages, but also some historical data on highs, lows, and rain.

Readers Tell Us

At What Temperature Do People Set Their Thermostats?
I invite readers to share what the average temperature is in their Phoenix area house on a summer day when it is 100+ degrees outside -- that's three straight months.

The Humorous Side of Phoenix Heat

It's So Hot in Arizona That...
One-liners, poems and other funnies about our desert heat.

Can You Fry an Egg on the Sidewalk?
I tried it! Here's what happened.

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