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Ajo Al's

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Ajo Al's

Pizza Del Mar at Ajo Al's

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The Bottom Line

Five amigos had dinner at Ajo Al's. We shared one pizza as an appetizer, and we each had an entree. Excluding beverages, tax, and tip, our bill came to about $17 each.


  • More seafood selections
  • Huevos any time
  • Build your own burrito or omelette


  • More expensive than your typical Mexican place


  • Ajo Al's has four locations in Phoenix Scottsdale and Glendale. It is not a national chain.
  • Lunch specials at Ajo Al's start at $7.50. House special dinners start at about $11.
  • The Glendale location of Ajo Al's is open for breakfast.
  • Vegetarians have a couple of choices at Ajo Al's, including spinach enchiladas, potato flautas, and a Veggie Fiesta Salad.
  • There are some unique items on Ajo Al's menu, making it worth a visit, especially if you like Mexican seafood.
  • In case you're new to the area, Ajo is pronounced "ah-hoe."

Guide Review - Ajo Al's

It always surprises me (but it shouldn't) how much service impacts the way you feel about a meal. This was our second trip to Ajo Al's; during our first visit the service was pretty poor, and we left full, but annoyed. This visit was infinitely better with fine service, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt on the rating!

Menu items at Ajo Al's are a bit pricier than you'll find at other Mexican restaurants in town, including prices for soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. The chips were a bit thicker and more well done than is my preference. The salsa is not hot, but they also bring a small serving of green salsa that has a nice little after burn. I always ask for the hot stuff they keep in the back. At Ajo Al's the hotter salsa is very tomato-y and not really my preference.

We ordered the Pizza Del Mar ($20) at Ajo Al's, pictured here, as an appetizer. It was well-loved by all! Shrimp and other toppings were plentiful, and the tortilla crust was thin and crispy. I'd consider it in the future as a main course--we'd definitely order it again. Four of the five main course dishes were given a thumbs up. Spinach enchiladas ($12) Potato Flautas were different and good (overpriced at $13). The fajita selections--we tried pork ($12) and ono ($15)--were both very good. Vegetables weren't over cooked, pork was very tasty and moist, not dried out or tough as is common with fajitas. Ono, which is a fish, was a welcome change. The Ugly Enchilada sure was. Ugly that is. But mole is ugly, so that's OK. The chicken here isn't especially seasoned, it wasn't our favorite.

Prices for Kid's Menu items for children 10 and under are $5.50 and include a drink. There are also a few American choices like burgers and chicken tenders, if you wandered in here unaware....

All dates, times, prices and offerings are subject to change without notice. 06/07

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 5 out of 5
Friday Night Favorite, Member sherryschaffer

We have been regulars at Ajo Als since their opening day. It has become our favorite Mexican restaurant. Love the Pizza Nortena and green chili chicken enchilada!Yum. The food is very flavorful and not overly spicy. Delicious ! We feel like we are at ""Cheers"" when we go there. They know who we are and even what we like to order. The employees are so friendly and are always treat us great. The whole Ajo Family is fantastic.We look forward to it every week.

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