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Oregano's Pizza Bistro

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Oregano's Pizza in Tempe

Thin Crust Pizza at Oregano's

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The Bottom Line

My two munching companions and I stopped in at the Tempe location of Oregano's Pizza Bistro. We shared one appetizer, two thin crust pizzas, a baked sandwich, and a dessert. Excluding beverages, tax and tip, our total came to about $15 per person.


  • Many menu choices
  • Nice patio
  • Wheat pizza crust available


  • Don't have to be anywhere soon if you come here
  • Pizza was soggy and greasy
  • Loud, for the sake of being loud


  • Oregano's Pizza Bistro has locations in Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa and Gilbert.
  • They are open 7 days per week for lunch and dinner.
  • Their web site lists many awards and accolades they've received over the years.
  • Music and decor of the 1940s and 1950s.
  • Want to spend less than a couple of hours? Salad is the fastest thing on the menu. And the salads look great.
  • Want to cut 20 minutes off your stay? Ask for the basic Oregano's slices (big!) and they'll add your toppings.
  • Patio dining at Oregano's is a pleasant option. In an alcove, it isn't facing the street or parking lot.
  • Even when the lunch crowd thinned out, servers (standing next to each other) yelled back and forth. Just plain loud.
  • Stopping for pizza for lunch on a weekday when ASU is not even is session: 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Guide Review - Oregano's Pizza Bistro

I wanted to like Oregano's. I really did. Apparently everyone else loves it. I will be the lone dissenter--I felt let down. Writing these comments five hours later, I still feel totally greasy--know what I mean?

Not a problem that we waited 20 minutes at lunchtime for a table. It is a popular place. I hear the wait is longer in the evening.

The Toasted Ravioli Espaniol ($5.69), despite what the menu says, are stuffed with a tiny bit of cheese, and any spiciness or jalapeno flavor at all was not discernible in our order. The marinara sauce served with it, was good, and spicy.

We didn't order a stuffed pizza because there's a warning on the menu indicating that it can take about 40 minutes. We discovered that a thin crust pizza takes over 30 minutes. The Lawrence Original ($14) pizza, and a regular thin crust pizza with sausage and mushrooms ($13) were both so greasy, that all the toppings kept sliding off the crust. I use the word crust loosely, since both pizza crusts were limp and bore no resemblance to anything crisp. Mushroom bits were hard to find. The sausage was very good, as is the pizza sauce. (One more thing--I don't like my pizza cut up into tiny squares.) I ordered the wheat crust to give it a try, but it didn't happen. Our server offered to make another pizza. Another 35 minutes? Not today, thanks.

The Fresh Grilled Italian Sausage baked sandwich ($7.39) had two sub rolls with fresh, spicy sausage, very little provolone, but the sausage was excellent. Italian Fried Potatoes? Just waffle fries, and too greasy for me.

The best things many people seem to say about Oregano's has to do with the Pizza Cookie Dessert ($5). Partially baked cookie dough with ice cream. Sweet and gooey, plenty for three people.

All prices and offerings are subject to change without notice. 08/07

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 1 out of 5
There is better pizza!, Member pizzaguru

I tried and tried to like this place, several locations were visited and in fact all were pretty much the same, terrible! waited way too long, pizza was salty and so was the other entree's. Music was too loud and you hard a hard time hearing across the table. The masses seem to love this place but in Phoenix and the surrounding areas there is better pizza out there!

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