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The Satisfied Frog

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Crazy Ed's Satisfied Frog

Half Slab Pork Ribs at The Satisfied Frog

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The Bottom Line

Update: In 2008 Crazy Ed's Satisfied Frog underwent an ownership change and changed the name to Satisfied Frog. They no longer offer Chili Beer. This review was done under the prior ownership and menu. The restaurant in Cave Creek has since closed. The original owner of Crazy Ed's Satisfied Frog has opened a new, smaller place in north Phoenix. You can read my review of that place here.

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Three of us stopped for lunch at The Satisfied Frog in Cave Creek, AZ. We each had a luncheon sandwich or entree, and one of us added a trip to the salad bar with the meal. No appetizers, no desserts. Excluding beverages, tax and tip the bill came to an average of about $13.50 each.


  • Western town casual environment
  • Family friendly, tables for large families
  • Appealing salad bar
  • Nice outdoor eating area


  • Pricey
  • Disappointed in serving size for price


  • The Satisfied Frog has been a destination in Cave Creek since 1981.
  • Sawdust on the floor, beverages served in mason jars, cute and clever signs and menus, and a large gift shop. Get the idea?
  • Grab some free popcorn on your way in to The Satisfied Frog.
  • The Satisfied Frog is not a chain. There's only one. It is a biker friendly establishment.
  • Crazy Ed's Satisfied Frog is also a microbrewery. You can sample the Chili Beer before ordering to see if you can handle it.

Guide Review - The Satisfied Frog

I haven't been to the Satisfied Frog in about 20 years. Funny thing, is, it really hasn't changed that much! I was pleased. It's located in a western-themed commercial complex, with bars, restaurants and shopping. There is an outdoor area where smoking is permitted. It's attractive, because it isn't right on Cave Creek Road facing the traffic -- it is set back from the street. I imagine the bar is busy in the evening.

I was here only to eat, and not to drink the beer, and so these comments do not reflect on the microbrewery. Of the three items we ordered -- the Tijuana Torpedo Burger ($11), the Slider BBQ Trio ($8), and the Half Slab Pork Ribs ($18) -- the burger, really two burgers in one bun, may have been the best of the bunch. The Pork Ribs were, as advertised, "fall off the bone tender" and not overly smothered in barbecue sauce, as I prefer it, but I thought it just had too much fat. Billed on the page headed "Loosen Your Pants Servings," I didn't think the 5 ribs was a portion to write home about for the price. Likewise, $8 for the sliders isn't a lot to pay, but I would expect to get at least enough meat for the equivalent of one sandwich. That wasn't the case.

The salad bar had a good variety of fresh veggies, one soup, baked beans and fruit. You can add that to a meal for $3. That was a bargain.

When we got home, I looked at the menu, since I'd never been to a BBQ place before that didn't serve beans, corn, and other typical sides. As it turns out, we were supposed to get corn bread and beans along with the cole slaw that was served with the pork ribs, but that didn't happen.

Generally, I felt gypped relative to the food. They get higher marks form me for the ambiance. I'll bet the Friday and Saturday night prime rib special is popular....


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