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Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy

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Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy

Flan at Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy

©Judy Hedding

The Bottom Line

Three of us went to Abuelo's for lunch (but we intended it to be our big meal of the day). The average price of our entrees was $14. There were less expensive items on the menu.


  • Very pleasant environment, great decor.
  • Not your typical taco and burrito menu.
  • A lovely place to take out-of-town guests, especially if there isn't one where they live.


  • Large, cavernous dining room with non-carpeted floors make it a noisy place.
  • Not great for a romantic rendezvous.


  • Enjoy the artwork and the decor at Abuelo's--the "Mexican courtyard atmosphere" is their trademark.
  • The chips were thin, fresh, and warm.
  • The salsa is too hot if you don't like hot at all, but it is perfect if you enjoy a slight burn.
  • Three locations in the Phoenix area: Chandler, Peoria, and Phoenix.

Guide Review - Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy

Abuelo's is a welcome change from your typical Mexican food place. Yes, you can get a taco or a burrito, but mostly you can get real meals, with meat or seafood and real vegetables. Our three entrees on this trip were: Grande Platter, Salmon San Carlos, and the Chile Manzanillo. All were very good. The Grande Platter certainly is Grande, and consists of what one might think of as more traditional Mexican fare. Both the salmon and the seafood stuffed chile were a success, with the salmon being the larger portion of the two. We also ordered a Chorizo con Queso dip for an appetizer. I asked for tortillas instead of chips and the server was eager to please. The dip itself wasn't special, and had little chorizo in it. Since I'm the only one who seemed at all interested, I decided to take it home. Not only did the server put it in a container for us, but she gave us an extra bag of chips to take home with it. Very nice. On past trips we've also enjoyed our food, including their famous flan, pictured above. There are always lots of kids at Abuelo's, which makes it a little louder. They have a nice children's menu, and serve their drinks in small cups with lids. Smart. Usually, when I want Mexican food, I want the typical stuff from my neighborhood burrito place, but once in a while, Abuelo's is a nice change for something special, and a nice place to bring guests.

Date of review: January 2005

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
FAVORITE OF ALL TIME!!!, Member afraiser

This is our favorite restaurant of all time! They have the best everything! Try the chile rellelo, queso, papa's - it's all delicious. The freshest salsa - it really is perfection. We drive WAY out of our way when making a road trip to eat here!

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