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Arriba Mexican Grill

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Arriba Mexican Grill

Flaming Queso Fundido at Arriba Mexican Grill

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The Bottom Line

Appetizers at Arriba Mexican Grill cost between $6 and $9, and are large enough for sharing. Our entrees averaged about $10 each, and soft drinks were $2 each. You can see Arriba's actual menu online, but the prices are removed.


  • New Mexico cuisine
  • Uses hatch chilies; many items hotter than other local Mexican restaurants
  • Attractively prepared and presented food
  • Festive environment


  • Small restrooms


  • During special events Arriba Mexican Grill has live Mariachi bands.
  • Arriba Mexican Grill claims it's only restaurant to use fresh Hatch Green Chiles all year long!
  • If spicy scares you, there are plenty of choices at Arriba Mexican Grill that aren't hot.
  • Arriba Mexican Grill has 4 locations: Phoenix, Glendale, Ahwatukee, and Scottsdale.
  • Casual, neighborhood restaurant environment.
  • All locations, prices and offerings are subject to change without notice.

Guide Review - Arriba Mexican Grill

Arriba Mexican Grill prides itself on serving Mexican food with that New Mexico attitude. They arrange for fresh hatch chilies to be delivered to Arizona in order to prepare their meals, making them spicier than your run-of-the mill Mexican joint where adding hot sauce gives food its flavor.

Five of us shared two appetizers--that was plenty--on our visit to Arriba Mexican Grill. The Queso Fundido has entertainment value, as it is served flaming. I found it unpleasantly salty. Not spicy from the chorizo, just salty. The others didn't seem to mind, but I haven't added salt to a dish for about 15 years so I notice these things! Six mini chimis were nice and fresh tasting.

All of our entrees at Arriba Mexican Grill were a thumbs up. We ordered the carnitas, tacos, the Arriba Sampler, the White Sands Chimichangas, and the Shrimp and Scallops Enchiladas.

Many Mexican restaurants can be judged simply by the salsa they serve, in my opinion. Arriba Mexican Grill has a slightly spicy, thin bean dip, a regular pico de gallo for gringos, and a great hot taco sauce for those of us who like a little pain with our chips. Normally, you'd have to ask a restaurant to pull this one out of the hidden cabinet!

Too stuffed to try dessert, we'd certainly return to Arriba Mexican Grill.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
, Member langworthy01

I have to disagree with the previous raters. This is by far the best Mexican food in the Phoenix area. This is New Mexico style food and is great. We have never had bad service or bad food. We are snowbirds and I can't wait to get back to have some good mexican food. The other restaurant mentioned is by far inferior to Arriba.

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