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Crackers and Company Cafe

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating
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The Bottom Line

Crackers & Company Cafe costs a bit more than IHOP or Village Inn, but the food is definitely on a higher scale. Most breakfasts and lunches will run in the $6 to $8 range. This is a full service restaurant, so if you have a beverage, your total might come to around $13 including tip.


  • Freshly prepared menu items
  • Nice variety
  • Large servings


  • Strange location - I keep forgetting where it is!
  • Might have to wait


  • Crackers & Company Cafe has two locations in Mesa.
  • They are open for breakfast and lunch. At peak times there might be a wait.
  • Crackers & Company Cafe is appropriate for a casual family meal or a business breakfast or lunch, but it is noisy at lunch.
  • The Crackers & Company Cafe web site not only has the entire menu, but they post the daily soups, specials and desserts, too.
  • Crackers & Company Cafe is locally owned and operated since 1984.

Guide Review - Crackers and Company Cafe

Crackers & Company Cafe is not on a major street. Located in an industrial park, I wonder if there are others like me who have to call every time to ask where it is! The good news is that I always find it, and I'm always happy that I made the extra effort to go.

I've had both breakfast and lunch a Crackers & Company Cafe, and neither disappointed me. The servings are substantial, there are plenty of options on the menu to please everyone, and everything tastes fresh and looks great. At any time of the day, I highly recommend ordering one of their Cinnamon Rolls--one for two people is plenty as a side dish to breakfast or as dessert for lunch. My, those are wonderful!

There are specials every day; ten different home-made soups are offered! We tried the Spicy Chicken Tortilla Soup and the Chicken with Black Beans. The latter was my favorite. If you won't be eating for a couple of days after you stop at Crackers & Company for breakfast, the Sirloin Benedict while tide you over! Other menu items I've tried are the breakfast burrito, the BBQ Bacon Burger Deluxe, and the Roast Beef Avocado Melt. The strawberry lemonade is very popular.

Let's talk dessert. There are about 20 fresh baked desserts offered daily at Crackers and Company, although I have a hard time getting past the bread puddings.

I don't normally talk about service unless it is consistently poor, or consistently great. These people don't seem to be just biding their time until closing. Every time I have been there they have been genuinely helpful and friendly. Mistakes happen--it's the way that they are handled that's important to me. When something I had ordered at Crackers & Company didn't arrive with my meal, our server was quick with a sincere apology, offered solutions, and sent me out with a complimentary cookie. (And those onion rings were worth the wait.)

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