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The Landmark Restaurant

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Landmark Restaurant

The salad room at the Landmark Restaurant

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The Bottom Line

Three of us went to The Landmark Restaurant early on a Saturday evening. The bill, before tax and tip, and excluding beverages came to about $20 per person.


  • The salad room
  • Photo collection--a museum in a restaurant


  • Traditional menu items, not very imaginative
  • Boring white rolls


  • The traditional menu at The Landmark Restaurant is accentuated by a large, well-lit dining room.
  • The Landmark is open for lunch.
  • The Landmark Restaurant is a favorite location for weddings and other special parties.
  • Don't leave until you explore the halls and rooms filled with original photos of Arizona's history.
  • Looking for a place that serves liver and onions? You found it!
  • All prices and offerings mentioned here are subject to change without notice.

Guide Review - The Landmark Restaurant

It didn't start out very well. At 5:30 p.m. on a Saturday evening, The Landmark was out of Prime Rib. Had their order not come in? Was what they received not up to standard? No explanation given, but since Prime Rib is one of The Landmark's specialties I was disappointed.

The Salad Room at The Landmark Restaurant is one of its unique features. A trip to the Salad Room comes with your entree, or you can just enjoy the Salad Room offerings by themselves for $13 at dinnertime. The choices are extensive. There are soup, hot snacks like wings and meatballs, unusual appetizers like quail eggs, tasty morsels like shrimp, and many salad and topping choices. Be careful not to overeat from the Salad Room if you also ordered an entree!

We ordered the Chicken Marsala, the Roasted Lamb and the Salmon. Our meals were very good. For dessert we ordered an Old Fashioned Bread Pudding, a slice of Key Lime Pie and I had the Chocolate Mousse Cake with Ice Cream. The server agreed that my dessert had not been heated enough to provide the volcano-like effect of oozing chocolate as promised. Actually, it wasn't warm at all, and the server graciously offered to remove the charge for my dessert from the bill. We enjoyed wine by the glass with our dinner, which is reasonably priced.

The Landmark Restaurant used to be a Mormon Church, and the conservative nature of the place reflects that tradition. Besides the Salad Room, my other favorite feature of The Landmark is the photo gallery.

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