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Miracle Mile Deli

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Miracle Mile Deli, Phoenix, Arizona

The New Yorker on marble rye, at the Miracle Mile Deli

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The Bottom Line

A sandwich with a side and a beverage (no alcoholic beverages here) will cost you in the neighborhood of $10. Since it is a cafeteria style place, no tips are required.


  • Great place for a pastrami, brisket, or corned beef fix
  • Fast service--don't let the long lines worry you
  • Other choices besides sandwiches are available


  • Not quite as much meat in the sandwich as in the past


  • The Miracle Mile Deli is not open for breakfast. Lunch and dinner only.
  • If you are meeting at Miracle Mile Deli, they may still mean the Park Central Deli--be careful!
  • No free drink refills at Miracle Mile Deli.
  • The soups are usually very good!
  • Not much ambiance here, but hey--it's pastrami sandwiches....
  • The web site could use some modernization, but hey--it's pastrami sandwiches....

Guide Review - Miracle Mile Deli

The Miracle Mile Deli has been around forever. Originally in downtown Phoenix, and then at the Park Central Mall (that one is now called the Park Central Deli), now there are two locations: one at the Town & Country shopping area, at 20th Street and Camelback, and one in northwest Phoenix at Arrowhead Towne Center at 77th Avenue.

It is difficult for me to order anything but the New Yorker sandwich when I'm there. (Funny, when I lived in N.Y. I never came across such a sandwich!) I might go in anticipation of trying something new, but it never works out. I love Miracle Mile Deli's pastrami and corned beef sandwiches, which have plenty of meat in them. The meat is usually very lean and tasty.

At this location, larger than their previous Phoenix spots, there are also baked goods available for purchase.

Not visible from the street, people don't seem to have a hard time finding the Miracle Mile Deli.

The deli at Park Central on Central Avenue is no longer a Miracle Mile Deli, it's the Park Central Deli, although many people still call it Miracle Mile. Also, a spinoff of the Miracle Mile Deli exists in a smaller version called the Downtown Deli, on Central between Adams and Monroe. All of these seem to serve the exact same food, although hot dishes may vary, and the number of selections varies with the size of the establishment. (10/05)

User Reviews

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Do not support them!, Member edenliving

Since they have a lot of European style food I took some friends of Germany along and confirmed that they have a liquor license by looking at the menu posted outside. Yes, lots of different beer and wine in there. OK. But after we had our filled plates in our hands and stood in front of the register we were told that the do not have beer. After standing in line we did not want to leave especially with the food on our table. So we ordered nothing to drink. For Europeans it is not possible to drink Coke or coffee or water with a hearty Reuben sandwich, stuffed cabbage, etc. I feld bad and complained to the owner. She did not really care ""You sure do not think that beer is more important than food, do you?"". Well, actually at least all my friends thought that. She promised to correct the menu, but this has not been done, of course. One of the employees told me that this had happened several times, making me think that she lures in the customers by claiming she serves beer and hopes that they will not leave when finally at the register. By the way: My friends all complained that the food was lousy...

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