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Roaring Fork

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Roaring Fork Scottsdale

Duck Breast Dinner at the Roaring Fork

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The Bottom Line

Two of us went to dinner at Roaring Fork. We shared an appetizer and a salad, we each had an entrée, shared a side dish, and we each had dessert. Excluding beverages tax and tip, our total came to about $93. Platters and entrées range from $16 to $38.


  • Still special, even post-McGrath
  • Nice place to take out-of-town visitors
  • Upscale dining with reasonable prices


  • Located in ground floor of an office building


  • Roaring Fork is open for dinner seven days per week.
  • Happy hour specials at Roaring Fork are from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. every evening.
  • Appetizers and sides at Roaring Fork are large enough to share.
  • Roaring Fork is probably best described as rustic/elegant. A fish and maps on the walls, flowers on the tables.
  • Large booths at Roaring Fork are very roomy for 4 people, comfortable for 6.
  • There's a large, pleasant covered outdoor patio area for those that like to dine al fresco.
  • Happy hour specials are offered only in the saloon. It's worth considering sharing small plates there for a casual supper.
  • Don't miss the Green Chile Mac and Cheese at Roaring Fork!
  • Small children at Roaring Fork? Not really. Business dinners, romantic dinners, dinner with friends are all good here.

Guide Review - Roaring Fork

I've heard about the Roaring Fork for years. Although nationally acclaimed James Beard Award winner Chef Robert McGrath sold his interest in Roaring Fork in 2006 to concentrate on other ventures, the traditions of quality and special Southwest flavors he created at Roaring Fork have apparently been maintained by the current chef who worked with McGrath for 5 years at Roaring Fork.

Everything we ordered, without exception, was an item that we'd order again on another visit. The Green Chili Pork Stew appetizer ($9) wouldn't have gotten our attention without the urging of our server. The Field Greens and Warm Goat Cheese Salad ($8) was wonderful. We argued over which of our entrées was the best, the Duck Breast ($23) or the Filet Mignon with Green Chili Mac and Cheese ($32). Most of the entrées have enough accompanying the main item that a side is not required, but we couldn't pass up the Wood Grilled Asparagus ($7). Hot Huckleberry Bread Pudding ($7) made us say "Mmmmmm" but the Chocolate Lava Brownie with Ice Cream ($7) made us say "Oh, My!"

You know that we had to order a "Big Ass" Burger just to see if it lived up to historical hype. It was very good, 12 oz., served with cheddar, grilled onions, a lettuce and tomato garnish, fries and crispy bacon. In the past you could only get the BA Burger in the saloon, but now it is offered in the dining room as well. It's a good deal at $12, but during happy hour in the bar it's only $9.

In 2010 Roaring Fork began offering a Sunday brunch. While the website indicates that it is traditional brunch fare, it really isn't. You won't find scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, or pancakes. You won't find omelet stations, bagels or shrimp. What you will find are special Mexican and Southwestern style items prepared with that unique Roaring Fork Style. You won't be overwhelmed by the number of items offered. There are a sufficient amount of breakfast items, lunch items, several cold salads, sides, a few items that vegetarians can enjoy as well as an adequate dessert selection. On the day I visited, the only meats at brunch were pork/ham and chicken. There were no seafood items. Considered by many to be a signature dish, Green Chile Mac 'n' Cheese, was not available that day, so be aware that some items listed on the online menu may change or may not be offered on any particular day. Going to brunch? My favorite dishes were the Eggs Benedict served on a cornbread base, yogurt and berry parfait, and the biscuits with sausage and gravy. Brunch is reasonable priced at $19 per person, not including beverages tax or tip.

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