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Sweet O Wine and Chocolate Lounge

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Sweet O Wine and Chocolate Lounge

Dark Chocolate Mousse Dome Cake at Sweet O Wine and Chocolate Lounge

© 2007 Judy Hedding

The Bottom Line

NOTE: Sweet O Wine and Chocolate Lounge closed in 2009.

Three of us visited the Sweet O Wine and Chocolate Lounge before a Jobing.com Arena concert on a Saturday night. We each tried a different wine flight, shared two appetizers, three panini sandwiches, two desserts and one hot chocolate drink. Not including tax and tip, the food total came to about $80 and the three flights of wine totaled $45.


  • What could be better than wine and chocolate?
  • Appetizers and panini sandiwches also available.
  • Plenty of al fresco dining availability.
  • You can buy chocolate and wine to go.


  • Dining room has an industrial, not a lounge, feel.
  • Expensive.


  • Sweet O Wine and Chocolate Lounge is located at Westgate City Center.
  • Open 7 days per week, lunch and dinner, and sometimes later.
  • Sweet O offers appetizers, grilled panini sandwiches and entrée salads besides the chocolate and wine selections.
  • There are more than 20 offered wine flights and several flights pairing wine with chocolates.
  • What's a wine flight? In this case, it is a sampling of three wines (about the equivalent of 1.5 glasses).
  • Children are welcome at at Sweet O Wine and Chocolate Lounge when accompanied by an adult. They'll enjoy chocolate drinks.
  • Tables are small; great for two people, but a challenge for three or four people if you order wine flights.

Guide Review - Sweet O Wine and Chocolate Lounge

The Sweet O Wine and Chocolate Lounge is in the heart of the Westgate City Center, right across from the movie theaters. I would certainly recommend it as a destination in itself, but it is also a welcome variation from ribs, pizza and beer before or after the movie, the game, or a concert.

The concept here is a lovely one, well-executed. Why not provide a restaurant where people can have a wonderful selection of two of their favorite things, chocolate and wine? This one-of-a-kind dining experience isn't for the person on a tight budget, but most of the people that we saw enjoying themselves didn't order as much food as we did either. The Sweet O Wine and Chocolate Lounge might not be the place I'd think of first for a four course meal, but I would gladly put it at the top of my list for pre- or post event desserts and refreshments, or even a panini/wine shopping break.

Many of the items offered are made on the premises, including many of the chocolates. You say you have never had chocolate with wine before? Focus on that experience with a Chocolate Flight! We tried the Tiramisu, Caramel Macciato, and Café Latte chocolates with a glass of Tenuto di Arceno Super Tuscan. Delicious.

The Cheese O appetizer pleased ($15 per 4 oz!), but I think we could have had a few more servings of the Artichoke and Sun Dried Tomato Dip served with a special grilled bread. The paninis (Roasted vegetable, Serrano Ham, Sopressatta) were all very favorably received. The Bomb dessert was scrumptious, and thanks for offering a sugar-free chocolate dessert. The Mexican Hot Chocolate topped off a wonderful experience.

If you go to Sweet O Wine and Chocolate Lounge on a concert or event night, be prepared for it to be crowded and, naturally, loud. Leave plenty of time; be patient.

All prices and offerings are subject to change without notice. 12/07

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