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Rocky Point, Mexico


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Driving To Rocky Point

Mexican Auto Insurance Is Required For Rocky Point

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Puerto Peñasco, or Rocky Point, as most people in Arizona call it, is about a four to five hour drive from Phoenix, depending on what part you are leaving from, what time of day, and how you drive. Detailed directions to Rocky Point are on the next page.

Be aware that there may be travel warnings for Mexico that are issued by the U.S. Department of State. Rocky Point was specifically mentioned in a alert dated February 2012: "U.S. citizens visiting Puerto Peñasco are urged to use the Lukeville, Arizona/Sonoyta, Sonora border crossing, in order to limit driving through Mexico, and to limit travel to main roads during daylight hours."

What do you need to take with you to drive to Rocky Point and return to the U.S.? You need a passport or passport card and a vehicle that is registered in your name. If you intend to go to Mexico in the future, you'd better apply for a passport or obtain a U.S. Passport Card because after June 1, 2009 that's what you'll need to go to Rocky Point, even if you are driving.

Make sure your auto registration is current. Your American insurance does not cover you in Mexico. Things happen there just like they can happen here--tickets, thefts, fender benders, and more serious mishaps. If you don't have Mexican insurance, you could find yourself in a serious situation.

Here are some places where you can purchase Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point. You can wait until you are driving through Ajo to stop in and personally pick it up, or you can get insurance online.

Mexican Auto Insurance Links

Tip: You might encounter Border Patrol inspection stations on the way to the border. Slow down. Follow their directions. Chances are they will just wave you through.

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