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Rocky Point, Mexico


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Directions to Rocky Point
Organ Pipe Cactus on the Drive to Rocky Point

Desert Views on the Drive to Rocky Point

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Arizona residents have long flocked to Rocky Point to spend some time near the ocean. Still a very popular Spring Break destination (don't fall for the Spring Break Scam!), Puerto Peñasco continues to grow as a resort destination. Rocky Point has RV parks, hotels, golf courses and a wide variety of restaurants and clubs. Timeshares are everywhere, and people are buying beach condos. Beach activities are plentiful. You can fish, snorkel sail, scuba dive and go whale watching in the winter months.

The drive to Rocky Point is about 215 miles from Phoenix if you take Route 85 through Gila Bend. Once you get to Ajo, you have about 95 miles to go. From the border at Lukeville, it's 68 more miles to Rocky Point.

Directions to Rocky Point From Phoenix

Drive west on I-10 from Phoenix to the State Route 85 exit. Go south on SR 85, passing through Gila Bend. Continue south on SR 85 to Ajo. Ajo is the largest town between Phoenix and the border, so it makes a good stop for any last minute shopping. Continue south on SR 85 to Why where you can fill up with gas. Continue south through Organ Pipe National Monument to the border at Lukeville, AZ. You can buy supplies and gas in Lukeville, too. Note: You can fill your gas tank in Why, or in Lukeville. There's not much difference in price. If you want to use the restrooms, you have to buy either gas or food. If you stop in Why, I found the restrooms at the Chevron station far superior to the porta-potties at the Texaco.

Cross the border into Sonoita. About 2 miles from the border you will come to a three way intersection. Stay to the left (towards Caborca). You'll come to a fork in the road. The signs are clear -- follow the ones to Puerto Peñasco or Pto Peñasco. Take this road all the way to Rocky Point.

Tip: The drive to Rocky Point has some beautiful desert views, but that last 20 or 30 miles is pretty dull!

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