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Rocky Point, Mexico


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Shopping in Rocky Point

Shopping in Rocky Point

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Bring cash and your negotiating skills when you shop in the Old Port section. I paid $12 for a large plate that started at $25. Many people hate negotiating, but it's part of the experience! I have found that there's no use worrying about whether or not you could have gotten the item for a few bucks less; you'll just drive yourself nuts doing that. One more thing -- don't be rude if they don't agree to the price you offered. Just leave.

You don't need to know Spanish to visit Rocky Point. Most menus are in both Spanish and English. Just about everyone speaks English. For example, if someone says "por favor" in Spanish, you can say "thank you" in English if you aren't comfortable pronouncing the word "gracias." They will recognize you as being polite, and that's what counts.

Spanish Words That You Should Know

  • baño - restroom
  • mujeres - women
  • hombres - men
  • alto - stop
  • abierto - open
  • cerrado - closed
  • por favor - please
  • gracias - thank you
  • camarón - shrimp
  • mariscos - seafood
  • cerveza - beer
  • cuenta - check or bill, in a restaurant

You can see where my priorities are when I'm in Rocky Point!

Tip: Businesses in Rocky Point all accept U.S. Dollars ("USD"), so there's no need to bring pesos. When you sign credit card slips, make sure it is clear on the slip whether the currency quoted is pesos (MXP or M$) or USD. Try to have the exact amount if you pay in cash so you don't get your change back in pesos.

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