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Scams and Frauds

It seems that every time we turn around someone else is trying to take advantage of us. The best way to avoid being taken for a ride is to do your research before handing over any information or money. Don't be too trusting, and don't think you're going to get a great deal that no one else can get. Here are some common problems that people in Arizona come up against.

Do Not Call Registry Scam
Beware of the Do Not Call Registry Scam in Arizona. They will try to tell you that they need your banking information for you to win a complaint.

What To Do If You Are Scammed
Here's how and where to file a complaint.

Top 10 Consumer Complaints in Arizona
What are the most common complaints made by consumers in Arizona? Here are the top 10 categories for consumer complaints to the Attorney General's Office.

809 Scam
These are inquiries requesting that you call a phone number with an "809" area code.

An Incredibly Personalized Email Scam
I received an email that was a little different. It wasn't your typical Nigerian advanced fee scheme, nor was it the Canadian Lottery scam.

Arizona Attorney General Phone Scam
Arizona seniors are receiving calls from someone claiming to be with the Arizona Attorney General's Officer and asking for a bank account number. It's a scam.

Arizona Veterans Hospital Scam
Learn about a scam where people call to solicit money for either the Arizona Veterans Hospital or the Arizona State Veterans Home.

At the Gas Pump
Make sure you get what you pay for at the pump.

Beware of Offers for Free Gas Cards or Free Grocery Gift Cards
Arizona consumers are complaining about a Mesa, Arizona company that offers free gas cards and free grocery gift cards if you make a purchase, but the cards never arrive. Find out more about this online free gas card scam involving an Arizona company.

Canadian Lottery Scam
Another scam that targets the elderly. Find out how it works, and how you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

Credit Repair Scam
Beware of companies offering to fix your credit rating. How to recognize and avoid credit repair scams.

Donating For Disaster Relief
The Arizona Better Business Bureau warns that fraudulent charities will likely emerge to try and scam donations from well-meaning Arizonans.

Envelope Stuffing Scam
Those ads that tell you you can earn hundreds per week stuffing envelopes at home are scams.

Do Not Call Registry
Here is the information about how you can stop those annoying telemarketing calls by signing up for the national "do not call" registry.

Fake Loan Scam
How to recognize and avoid fake loan scams.

Fire Department Scams During Arizona Wildfire Season
Beware of a scam that happens during Arizona's wildfire season. People claiming to be with the fire department are asking for money.

Free Loans and Grants? Beware of Scams!
Arizona consumers are complaining about a growing number of companies claiming to offer fast loans and free grants. Beware of these scams!

Gift Card Warning
Gift cards can make easy and convenient gifts. When you are buying gift cards, make sure you know what the restrictions are, and beware of offers for free gift cards.

Holiday Donations Scams
It's great to want to help others during the Christmas holiday season, but here's how to make sure you aren't being scammed.

Home Repair Scam
How to recognize and avoid the Home Repair Scam scam.

Internet Scams
Ten common Internet scams. Beware!

Internet Urban Legends
How to recognize and avoid internet urban legends and scams.

IRS Email Scams
If you get an email that appears to be from the IRS or a related organization asking you to provide financial or personal information, beware! It's probably a scam.

Is Merchant Referral Solutions Legitimate?
Have you been contacted by Merchant Referral Solutions about starting a home-based business? Before you sign up for a work-at-home business with Merchant Referral Solutions, read this warning.

Jury Duty Scam - Identity Theft
Beware of a scam where a caller represents himself as being with the court, and threatens the person with jail if they don't release personal information. The premise is that the person is said to have ignored a jury duty assignment.

Ketchup/Mustard Scam
The Ketchup/Mustard Scam is pretty common. It can happen to anyone anywhere. You can lose your wallet and more.

Liberty Discount Club and 777 Web Discount Club
Consumers are being warned about scams being perpetrated by two local Scottsdale companies, Liberty Discount Club and 777 Web Discount Club.

Magazine Sales Scam
Don't be fooled by people going door-to-door selling phony magazine subscriptions who say they are with Arizona State University.

Medicare Prescription Drug Scam
Consumers are warned to be careful of telemarketers and door-to-door salespeople contacting seniors attempting to sell a fake Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Card.

Moving Scams
Moving companies might try to scam you into paying more than you should. Find out what to do if you are a target of a moving company scam.

Property Tax Refund Scam
Arizona homeowners are receiving official looking letters from an organization claiming that they were overcharged on their real estate taxes and requesting a check to obtain the property tax refund. It's a scam.

Report a Scam in Arizona - File a Complaint in Phoenix
Find out how to report a scam or fraud, or file a complaint, in Arizona. If you have been scammed in Arizona, you should report the fraudulent activity to the proper authorities,

Salt River Project Scam - SRP Scam
How to recognize and avoid the Salt River Project scam, or SRP scam.

Secret Shopper Scam
Is that job as a mystery shopper or secret shopper for real or is it a scam? Here's how you can tell.

Slamming and Cramming Phone Company Scams
How to recognize and avoid slamming and cramming scams. Slamming and cramming involves unauthorized switching of phone companies and unauthorized third party charges on your phone bill.

Spot Delivery Scam
The Arizona Attorney General is warning the public of a consumer scam involving buying used or new vehicles with spot-delivery.

Spring Break Scam
If you get a call asking you to wire money to a relative for an emergency, it might be either the Spring Break Scam or the Grandparent Scam.

Storm Repair Scam
If your home needs repair after a monsoon storm, beware of unlicensed contractors offering to make the repairs.

Telemarketing Scams
If someone calls you and wants information, or claims you've won something, beware! How to recognize and avoid telemarketing scams.

Threatening Email Scam
Find out about an email scam where your life is threatened if you don't send money. Don't fall victim to this latest email scam in Arizona

Tucson Gem Show Shopping Tips
The Tuscon Gem and Mineral Show is an amazing place, but there are some things you should know before you go there with your cash in hand.

Urban Legends
Rumors, chain letters and stories, often sounding true or amazing.

Vehicle Sublease Scam - Car Sublease Scam
Get details about the vehicle sublease scam. These sublease schemes can cost you a lot of money and damage your credit.

Voter Registration Fraud May Lead to ID Theft
When you register to vote, make sure that you are giving that information to a responsible entity. Some people will try to scam people to get information so they can steal their ID.

Warning About Unauthorized Fiesta Bowl Tickets
Fiesta Bowl Tickets and BCS Championship tickets in Phoenix are hard to find. For most people, the only way to get Fiesta Bowl tickets is through an online auction or ticket broker.

Weight Loss Scam
Beware of products that claim they will help you to lose weight.

Work at Home Scam
Ads claim high earnings and short hours with little or no experience.

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