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Arizona Attorney General Phone Scam

Don't Give Out Personal Info on the Phone


The Attorney General has issued a warning to Arizona residents about a phone solicitation scam where the caller pretends to be an attorney from the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.

Arizona senior citizens are receiving calls from someone claiming to be from the Attorney General’s Office. The caller tells consumers that they are the recipients of money owed to them as the result of a recent lawsuit by the State of Arizona. The caller claims that a scam artist who swindled money from Arizona seniors was successfully prosecuted, and they are owed $395 as a result. The caller then asks for a bank account number so the money may be deposited into their account by the Court of Arizona.

This is a scam. The Attorney General’s Office has a set of procedures in place to work with crime victims and would never call you and request personal or financial information.

If you've had this experience, or you have been scammed by these people, here's how to file a complaint.

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