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Metro Phoenix, On Video

Videos About People, Places and Things in Greater Phoenix


It one thing to have people write about a topic, and its another thing to hear someone describe a topic. Sometimes, you just want to see it for yourself. These videos about people, places and things in the Greater Phoenix area will help you to accomplish just that!

Heard Museum

Video Heard Museum
© Judy Hedding
A local treasure and a Phoenix Point of Pride, The Heard Museum is where you will learn about the native people of the Southwest through exhibitions and festivals.

Watch the Video | Read more about The Heard Museum in Phoenix, AZ and see photos.

Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Video Boyce Thompson Arboretum
© Judy Hedding
Southeast of Phoenix there is a place where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the desert.

Watch the Video | Learn More About Visiting Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Native Americans of the Southwest

Video Native Americans of the Southwest
© Judy Hedding
Many tribes are located in Arizona, and you can become more familiar with Native American culture through events, special programs and tours in the area.

Watch the Video | Learn More About Native Americans

Visit the Desert Botanical Garden

Video Desert Botanical Garden
© Judy Hedding
For a unique Arizona experience, there's no better attraction than the Desert Botanical Garden. Not only can you experience the special beauty of desert flora here, but when the cacti are in bloom, you'll see that the desert really isn't all dusty and brown at all!

Watch the Video | More About Desert Botanical Garden

Hot Air Ballooning

Video of Hot Air Ballooning in Phoenix and Scottsdale
© Judy Hedding
A popular pastime in Arizona is hot air ballooning in Phoenix. Not only is it a beautiful landscape but hot air ballooning in Phoenix can be quite a thrill.

Watch the Video | Learn More About Hot Air Balloon Rides

A Visit to Sea Life Arizona Aquarium

Video About Sea Life Arizona Aquarium in Tempe Arizona
© Judy Hedding
Open all year long, this indoor aquarium is not only educational, but it is a visual treat for both children and adults. Sea Life Arizona is located in Tempe, Arizona at Arizona Mills Mall.
Watch the Video | Learn More About Sea Life Arizona

University of Phoenix Stadium

Video University of Phoenix Stadium
© Judy Hedding
The Arizona Cardinals of the NFL call University of Phoenix Stadium home. The Fiesta Bowl and BCS Championship games are also played here. It is located just west of Phoenix in Glendale, Arizona. Find out what makes this stadium unique!

Watch the Video | Take a Guided Tour of University of Phoenix Stadium.

Worried About Scorpions? Here's How to Keep Them Away

How To Keep Sccorpions Away
© Mike Montano
We live in the desert, and we have scorpions. Some areas of town have more than others; they were here probably hundreds of years before your house was! They also don't stray very far, usually because they have plenty to sustain them just where they are. Here are some things you can do to try to avoid scorpions invading your home.
Watch the Video | Learn More About Arizona Scorpions

Stung by a Scorpion? Here's What to Do

Stung by a Scorpion? Here's What to Do
© iStockphoto.com/kevdog818
If you are stung by a scorpion, it might be very painful for a while, but don't panic. Watch this video -- before you are stung! -- so that you are prepared just in case you ever need the information. If you are stung by an Arizona scorpion, and after you are calm and on your way back to pre-sting conditions, stop by and share your scorpion sting experience.
Watch the Video | See Pictures of Arizona Scorpions

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