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Find shopping malls, farmers markets, grocery stores, banks, utilities, and hard-to-find Southwestern products. Also includes service providers such as wedding planners, massage therapists and tattoo artists, as well as local newspapers, radio stations, magazines and TV stations.
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Adult Stores
Here is information about several adult stores in the greater Phoenix area. Most offer adult books, magazines, videos and novelties. Some have theaters and viewing rooms.

Bass Pro Shops
Get the details about the Bass Pro Shops store in Mesa, Arizona. This Bass Pro Shops is the only location in Arizona, and is a few miles southeast of Phoenix.

Best Gift Cards in Phoenix
When you'd like to give a gift that you know they will love, give a gift card and let them pick the gift themselves.

Best Gift Shops for Arizona Merchandise
Almost every Phoenix attraction has a gift shop, but some Phoenix gift shops and better than others. here are my favorite gift shops for buying Arizona-themed merchandise.

Black Friday
See a list of major stores in the Phoenix area that are open early on the day after Thanksgiving. These stores offer early bird specials on Black Friday.

Buyer Beware
Are you paying the posted price for that knick knack or gadget? The Arizona Department of Weights & Measures tells us which retailers are the best and the worst when it comes to scanning accuracy.

Buying and Measuring Lumber and Flooring
When is a 2x4 a 2x4? When you know how to measure properly. Here are some tips about buying lumber and flooring.

Buying Drugs in Mexico
Many people on fixed incomes do it. Should you? Here's what you need to know before buying drugs in Mexico.

Cabela's Hunting and Fishing Outfitter
Take this photo tour of the Cabela's store in Glendale, Arizona. Just norhtwest of Phoenix, the Cabela's hunting and fishing store is near the Glendale Arena and Cardinals Stadium.

Clothing Exchange
We've all done it. We buy something and then we either never wear it, or we wear it only a few times. These stores will buy or exchange your gently used items. They are also great places to save a bundle on your next clothing purchase.

Costco Warehouse Stores
Here's a map of all the Costco locations in the Phoenix area.

Coupons and Discounts
Here are some of the best resources for getting online coupons or discounts for Arizona businesses and services: groceries, restaurants, attractions, golf and more.

Craigslist Phoenix
What is craigslist phoenix? Do people use craigslist phoenix? Get the basics about craigslist phoenix here.

Craigslist phoenix
People share their experiences on craigslist phoenix.

Daily and One Day Deals
These companies offering daily deals, deals of the day, half price bargains and other discounts Phoenix products and services.

Flea Markets and Swap Meets
Looking for a good deal? Like to shop flea markets? Here are details about local are swap meets and mercados in Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Goodyear and more.

Florists - Local Phoenix Flowers
Do you want to order flowers for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, your anniversary or another special occasion to be delivered to someone in the Greater Phoenix area? Try ordering from a local Phoenix area florist.

Foreign Currency
Find out where you can exchange your foreign currency for U.S. Dollars in the Phoenix area.

Furniture Stores
Here are ten places where you can find reasonable priced furniture in the Phoenix area.

{intimacy} Bra Fit Stylists
Are you sure that you are wearing the right size bra for health, comfort and appearance? The {intimacy} store at Scottsdale Fashion Square will help you find the perfect bra.

Jewelry Appraisals
A local jeweler explains when and how to have your jewelry appraised. These jewelry appraisal tips should assist with insuring your fine jewelry.

Open 24 Hours in Phoenix
Do you get hungry in the middle of the night? Maybe you can't sleep. Or maybe you just got off from work and it's 3 a.m. Here are some places in the Phoenix area that can help you, 24 hours a day.

Wal Mart Supercenter Locations
Get the addresses and phone numbers for Wal-mart stores and Wal-Mart Supercenter stores in the Greater Phoenix area. Includes Scottsdale, Glendale and other cities.

Senior Discount Days in Phoenix
Find stores in the Phoenix, AZ area that offer senior discounts on certain days of the week. Plan your shopping and get a bargain!

Secret Shopper Scam
Is that job as a mystery shopper or secret shopper for real or is it a scam? Here's how you can tell.

Dollar Stores
There are dollar-type stores in Phoenix, Arizona. Some of them are truly dollar stores, and some of them offer deep discounts but items may cost more than a dollar. You'll find everyday household items, like health and beauty care items, household chemicals, food and beverages, as well as seasonal goods, like holiday products, toys and party...

Save Money
Living on a tight budget isn't always easy, and the cost of living in the Phoenix metro area really isn't less than most other major metropolitan areas. If saving money is important to you, then these resources might help you and your family live better with a little less money.

Sam's Club Warehouse Locations
Here's a map of all the Sam's Club locations in the Phoenix area.

PGA TOUR Superstores in Arizona
In 2007 two PGA TOUR Superstores opened in the Phoenix area. Take a photo tour, and find out more about the store for golf and tennis enthusiasts.

Thrift Stores
According to Savers (www.savers.com), the average American throws away about 68 pounds of used clothing and rags every year. In the U.S. alone, this translates to 20 billion pounds of used clothing and textiles tossed into landfills annually. When you shop at thrift stores, not only can you find great bargains on clothing and household goods,...

Last Minute Gifts in Phoenix
Here are five ideas for last minute gifts in the Phoenix area. It isn't too late to get a great gift for someone if you live in Phoenix.

Kachina Doll
Most Kachinas are products of the Hopi Indian craftsmen. Why, when, where did the inspiration come from? What do the dolls represent?

Take a photo tour of IKEA in Tempe, Arizona.

Gift Ideas for Men
Don't know what kind of gift to get the man in your life? Here are soime gift ideas for guys.

Gift Card Warning
Gift cards can make easy and convenient gifts. When you are buying gift cards, make sure you know what the restrictions are, and beware of offers for free gift cards.

Gasoline: Get What You Pay For
Here are some common sense tips to make sure you are getting what you pay for at the gas pump.

Free and Cheap Haircuts in Phoenix
Several places in the Phoenix area will give you a haircut at a cheap price. If you are looking for a cheap cut and style in Phoenix, a barber or beauty school may be your best bet.

Arizona Companies
A listing of Arizona companies that are publicly traded on either the NYSE or NASDAQ exchanges. The ticker symbol is shown for each Arizona company.

Heard Museum Spanish Market
Celebrates the tradition, faith and artistry of Hispanic culture. The Phoenix area's only Spanish Market features nearly 70 of today's top Arizona and New Mexico artists. Enjoy this photo tour of the Heard Museum Spanish Market.

Home & Garden Expo Centers
Get to know the Home and Garden Expo Centers in Scottsdale and Peoria, AZ. These Home Improvement centers are open every day, all year long.

Pricing Errors in Arizona Stores
A report issued by the Arizona Department of Weights & Measures shows that out of 2,854 inspections conducted, 39% of the stores tested failed to pass a price posting inspection.

Publicly Traded Arizona Companies
These Arizona companies are publicly traded on either the Nasdaq or the New York Stock Exchange. For each Arizona company listed you'll find their address, the ticker symbol, the approximate number of employees (they may not all be in Arizona), and the economy sector and industry with which they are most closely associated. The Arizona...

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