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Best Places to Buy Gift Cards

Give the Gift You Know They'll Use


Everyplace has gift cards now. Grocery stores, movies, DVD rental places, sporting goods stores, airlines--the gift card has come of age, replacing the old fashioned gift certificate. Gift cards are stored-money cards, and are more convenient than gift certificates in that they don't have to be spent all at once. Use part of them, and then save them for the next time you need them (but make sure you know what the restrictions are).

If you are looking for a gift for a person who seems to have everything, or a person that for some reason is difficult to shop for, or you want to save on postage, gift cards are the way to go! Stores offer gift cards right at the cashier area, so you can get in and out relatively quickly. Some of these gift cards have a minimum value of $25.

Here are five places in Phoenix that offer gift cards to suit many needs. I shop at all these places, so if you are looking for a little something for me...

Best Gift Cards in Phoenix

Best Buy
Music, movies, electronic toys and games, software, printers, cameras, wireless equipment/accessories, computers and peripherals, appliances. Available as E-cards online.

My favorite thing to buy at Best Buy: DVRs, DVDs, games, camera bags, iPod and iPhone accessories, printers, back-up storage devices

AJs Purveyors of Fine Foods
Food, gourmet groceries, wine, gift baskets, seafood, prepared foods, baked goods. You must visit a store to purchase a gift card.

My favorite thing to buy at AJs Fine Foods: pastries, wine, flowers, fish.

Cost Plus World Market
Furniture, collectibles, home decor, kitchen items, gifts, wine. E-cards available online.

My favorite thing to buy at Cost Plus World Market: wine, chocolates, bowls and platters, unique boxes for gifts, planters, baskets.

Clothes, toys, electronics, sporting goods, garden, hardware, health and beauty, food. Gift cards available in store, as E-cards or by mobile device.

My favorite thing to buy at Target: Toys, clothes for babies and kids, movies, kitchen towels/rugs.

Fry's Electronics
Software, computers/accessories, phones, movies, music, appliances, hardware, cameras, components, peripherals, audio, video. Gift cards available in-store only.

My favorite thing to buy at Fry's Electronics: headphones, cables, memory, jump drives, office products, network equipment.

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