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Craigslist Phoenix


Posting an ad on craigslist Phoenix
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Craigslist Phoenix - What It Is:

Craigslist phoenix is where people who live in the Phoenix area or have an interest in Phoenix, Arizona can post and see free online classified ads.

Physical Address:

No, it is a website. The craigslist offices are located in San Francisco.

How it got started:

Craig is a real person who started a list of things that were going on in his community. According to the website, craigslist gets more than 20 billion page views per month. Craigslist is now a huge Internet site, with listings for more than 500 cities in 50 countries. The Phoenix, Arizona area, was added in 2002.

Find it online:

How much it costs:

Most of the time, nothing. There isn't even a requirement to sign up or register to view the ads.

What you'll find:

Personal ads, things for sale, garage sales, pets for adoption, apartments and rooms for rent, services offered, lost and found, job postings, discussion forums and more. Basically if someone has something and someone wants something, you can find it there.

Getting a job through craigslist:

I'm sure some people do, but I have no personal experience with that.

Safe for children?:

No. While staffers monitor what gets posted, there is explicit material.

Product/service guarantees:

There are none. These are just classified ads. They have no personal knowledge of any of the products or services offered through them. Buyer beware. Additionally, while there have been relatively few violent crimes associated with craigslist, you should exercise the same common sense that you would in your other dealings, especially when it comes to agreeing to meet strangers or go to their homes.

Scam Warning:

The Better Business Bureau of Central, Northern & Western Arizona has issued a warning about craigslist ads that falsely claim BBB accreditation and that the seller participates in a phony buyer’s protection program. This supposed program would protect the buyer should they not receive the items for which they paid. The BBB has no such program; there is no such thing as a BBB Protection Program. Buyers are cautioned to check a business' accreditation and rating at the Better Business Bureau website directly. Don't take their word for it because they wrote it in a free classified ad.

Do you use craiglist Phoenix?

I have never answered an ad on craigslist Phoenix, but I posted one once. It was for some patio furniture I had for sale, and I included a photo. I didn't get any responses. The ad was free, so I had nothing to lose.

I like the fact that you always see the most recent ads first. There are thousands of postings every day, though, and I just don't have the time to sift through them.

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